“if you carry joy in your heart, you can heel any moment.”

Evelyn Ma

How can
I Help

I’d love to communicate with people and I will be so pleased if I can help you with some issues. Anything related to the articles, faqs, you can directly talk with me. And if you want design assistance, purchasing assistance, I can help recommend professional sales or designers for your demands. 

Education and work experience

Bachelor Degree in Business Management

I graduated from South China Normal University, where I learned the basic theories and expertise to lay a good foundation for working in business and having the ability to analyze, research, and innovate.

product Manager

 After graduation, I worked as a foreign trade salesman in a traditional garment company. After a year, I had a strong interest in products and techniques, and I applied for a transfer to become a product manager. Now I have a professional knowledge base and I am glad to have the chance to share with you.

Do you know about The Feynman Technique?

“The Feynman Technique is a mental model to convey information using concise thoughts and simple language.”

Contact Me

I like the Feynman Technique and I believe that output is the best reinforcement and organization for the knowledge I know. Sharing with others is actually a great best gift to my life. Why not? Welcome to contact me via my private accounts below.