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popular tees in the US

Streetwear t-shirts are always popular in the United States, especially the following three types.

1. Oversize Tees

Girls oversized tee

This style is very common and has a wide range of applications. It is fashionable for both men and women. Sometimes, girls would like to wear it as a dress.

2. Drop Shoulder Tees

mens drop shoulder tee

This style is also very popular with American customers. The perfect fit of the shoulder line makes the overall shape very smooth and fashionable. Also, many people like mid-length sleeves, leading to another fashion trend.

3. Crop Top Tees

girls crop top tees

American women favor this style, showing their figures to perfection, especially girls with slim waists. It’s also fashionable and versatile. The price will be relatively favorable because of the less fabric.

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