Clothing Accessories


Pima cotton is a higher-end type of cotton with a longer fiber than standard cotton. It is more soft and breathable and commonly used in high-end clothing. 


There are three main types of zippers that you can use for your custom clothing: coil, plastic, and metal. MGOO supports custom zippers and offers many colors. 


We usually put drawstrings on hoodies, pants, and swim shorts.  There are multiple materials for you such as plastics and metals. Also, logo print are available. 

Woven Labels

Woven labels are usually made from materials such as cotton, nylon, polyester. MGOO offers custom woven labels of any size and shape. 

PVC Labels

PVC labels are recognized as economical with a low price and an easy-to-design sticker. MGOO offers a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Print Labels

Print labels are permanently printed on the garment. By using this kind of label, you are able to add more info about your brand. 

Wash Care Label

Wash care label is also called care label that tells customers how to wash the garment. MGOO offers standard white-on-black care labels without moq. And we have a smaller moq for custom care labels.

Custom Hang Tags

Chenille is a woven fabric that can be made from a variety of different fibers, including cotton. Cotton chenille  has a plush feel and deep pile, making it wonderful.