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Ways of Looking for Custom Clothing Manufacturers

Introduction:What is a Custom Clothing Manufacturer?

Custom clothing manufacturers are companies that specialize in designing and making clothes for a customer’s specific needs. Custom clothing styles include mens clothing, womens clothing and kids clothing.

custom clothing manufacturers for making custom tees and hoodies

Finding the best custom clothing manufacturers for your startup can be long, expensive, and laborious. But it’s worth overcoming. Not only does this help increase your company’s professionalism, but it also brings you more clothing business sales due to the high-quality clothing provided by the best custom clothing manufacturer.

You must conduct research, interviews and provide prototypes to a long list of potential manufacturers.

Thankfully, we have done all the legwork for you and saved you hours of research with these custom clothing manufacturers below. They are some of the best in their field and will help bring your startup’s vision to life.

Best Practices for Finding a Custom Clothing Manufacturer for Your Startup

Custom clothing manufacturers have their businesses and way of running things. It is time to determine if a custom clothing manufacturer is right for your start-up fashion business.

Knowing exactly what you want is the key to finding the perfect manufacturer for custom clothing. It may sound simple, but this means not going in with a vague idea of what you’re looking for. With a clear idea of your goal, finding a custom clothing manufacturer specializing in that area is easier.

Next, let’s explore the various sourcing methods from both traditional and online channels.

Online research

Online research

The internet has become the leading source of information for people looking to find their desired products. For those looking for custom clothing manufacturers, they can go online to various websites that provide list of popular companies and the information required to contact them.

1. Google search

Google has made it easier for customers to find custom clothing manufacturers through their search engine. All the user needs to do is type in keywords related to custom customized clothing and Google will automatically bring up search results for them.

Customers can use the keyword “custom clothing manufacturers” or “clothing manufacturers” when searching for a custom clothing manufacturer. When they do this, Google will automatically bring up links with websites of companies that make custom clothing.

2. B2B platforms

You should search for custom clothing manufacturers on b2b platforms like Alibaba, Made-in-China or DHgate if you are looking for a quality product. You’ll need to do some research and find out which sites can suit your need better. Among them, Alibaba has an expansive database of different vendors from various countries that sell custom apparel to consumers directly from their own factory or with distributors.


When looking for a custom clothing manufacturer, start by searching online. Look for reviews and testimonials online. You can also use forums such as the Fastlane Forum, Wholesale Forum or Business Forum to find custom clothing manufacturers that match your budget and timeline.

Trade shows

trade shows

One of the best ways to find custom clothing manufacturers is by attending trade shows. These are excellent venues for interacting with other suppliers, exploring new product lines and services, and even seeing how their customers react to their products.

There are many trade shows in the world such as The European Coatings Show (ECS), Pitti Uomo and Hong Kong Fashion Week. From these three, Pitti Uomo is the most recognised one because it has been running for over a hundred years. It is an annual event that gathers together buyers and sellers of fashion items including clothes, accessories, jewellery and shoes.

Social media channels

Social media channels

Social media channels have given a boost to the fashion industry. It has also made it easier for fashion designers to find custom clothing manufacturers and get feedback on their designs. There are many companies on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter that make it easy to find them. And, the best part is that you can interact with the company and give your feedback so they can improve their services.

Also, social media platforms can be great places for startups to get good advice from some useful groups. For example, Rob and his business partner has built a froup called apparel success and it has 17k fans now. This group mainly tell us how clothing startups can build better websites and grow their business sales.

List of 10 Best Custom Clothing Manufacturers Worldwide


Custom Clothing Manufacturer MGOO

MGOO Fashion is the best Chinese clothing manufacturer specializing in producing high quality custom clothing for all age groups. There are ten production lines and tens of printing machines to support various custom demands from their worldwide customers. MGOO’s business scope includes manufacturing and exporting custom menswear, womenswear, kidswear, including hoodies, sweatshirts, pants and shorts, t-shirts, polo shirts, sleepwear, loungewear, activewear, swimwear to many countries overseas. And their main markets are the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.



ZEGA APPAREL is a clothing supplier that mainly deals with general wear and sportswear. They have a wide variety of sporty, classy and casual garments.

Their success can be contributed to their diligent work ethics which are integral in their business values: Quality first, Customer satisfaction, Innovation and Endless creativity. Apart from this they also focus on the environment by using sustainable materials in their production line such as cotton.



Seam Apparel is an emerging private label clothing manufacturing company that has been working for small to large fashion brands all over the world. Located in the USA, with 10 years of garment experience under our belt, we have dedicated clothing manufacturers mainly targeting startups and big brands. We deal with different categories of clothing such as tops, t-shirts, jackets, jeans, uppers, sportswear, hoodies, leather goods, bed and bath accessories, etc



Apparel Production Incorporated is a distinguished and highly experienced clothing manufacturer in New York, which specializes in womens, mens and children’s clothing. It has always been committed to producing high-quality garments at the most reasonable prices with the help of their in-house factory and international manufacturing networks.



TEGINTL is a leader in the apparel manufacturing industry. They provide state-of-the-art clothing with style, innovation and quality to their customers. Their designs are imaginative and fun, yet classic. TEGINTL is committed to providing their customers with the best in customer service.

TEGINTL started as a small family business. They have grown over the years and now design, manufacture and distribute high quality clothing for men, women and children all over the world.



BRYDEN APPAREL is a Singapore Company that specializes in the apparel industry. From the first day of their foundation, they have been determined to be successful and are committed to providing their customers with high quality products.

Bryden has been expanding their business into other countries, recently opening offices in Bangkok and Jakarta to better service customers from these regions.



STEVE APPAREL is a modern clothing brand that provides customers with a wide range of options for clothing.

Besides its clothing, the company also has a diverse selection of shoes, jewelry, and other accessories to match each outfit.



Affix Apparel is a clothing supplier of branded and custom T-shirts, Polo shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Vests, and more.

The company has been in business for the past 20 years. And during that time they have been able to provide their clients with the best quality products for reasonable prices.

Ninety percent of their items are made from cotton – which is organic and sustainable. They also use eco-friendly inks and dyes which are safe for the environment.



BOMMESTUDIO specializes in designing and producing clothing. BOMMESTUDIO is a menswear brand designed by a female designer. The brand represents freedom, creativity, inspiration and passion for life. BOMMESTUDIO also aims to empower people by providing them with high-quality clothing that they can afford.

BOMMESTUDIO means: beautiful, modest yet powerful; ambitious but not arrogant; inspirational but not preachy; chic but grounding.



Billoomi Fashion is an India-based private label clothing manufacturer of ready-to-wear woven and knitted garments for men, women, and children. It specializes in manufacturing cotton trousers, cotton shirts, polyester trousers, polyester shirts, denim jeans etc. The company offers a complete range of garments to suit the needs of its customers. Billoomi Fashion is familiar with latest manufacturing equipment.

Billoomi Fashion is proud to be associated with the latest and most advanced equipment for the manufacturing industry. This can include sewing machines, fabric cutting tools, and even industrial clothes dryers. Billoomi’s mission is to provide quality clothing at affordable prices to customers around the world.

10 Questions to ask for your potential custom clothing manufacturer

Asking the right questions during your search for a good custom clothing manufacturer can save you from disappointment and frustration.

Below are ten of the most important questions to ask when considering a clothing maker.

1.What is your turnaround time?

2.What is your production capacity?

3.Do you offer samples or mockups?

4.What is your minimum order quantity?

5.Who makes my clothes, and where are they made?

6.Given that we would like to use our own designs, do you provide design assistance?

7.What kind of approvals will I need before production begins?

8.Can I have a contract before we get started on the project?

9.Will there be additional charges for any changes that are requested?

10.What methods of payments do you accept and what are the deposit?

Common Mistakes When Finding a Custom Clothing Manufacturer

If you’re struggling to find a custom clothing manufacturer, there are a few mistakes that you should avoid. These common mistakes will give you a distinct advantage in your search and make the process of finding a custom clothing manufacturer that much easier.

1) Don’t look for the cheapest option when choose custom clothing manufacturers

A good, quality custom clothing manufacturer is going to be more expensive than other alternatives. However, after making the initial investment, you can expect lower costs in the future. So, it’s worth spending on a better option from the get-go because it will save you money in the long run.

2) Don’t think that all clothing factories are created equal

Some factories may offer cheaper rates than others but in reality may not have all of the necessary equipment for your clothing.

3) Not getting samples before ordering in bulk

In order to avoid wasting time and money, ordering in bulk makes sense only if you are certain that the product is what you need. This is because if you receive an order that does not meet your expectations, it will take a lot of time and resources to return it for something better.

4) Failing to research and learn about the right materials

We should not forget to make research and learning about the right materials like fabrics or labels. This will help avoid getting stuck when making your custom clothing and save time and money in the long run! What’s more, you can also tell if the custom clothing manufacturer is telling the truth for your order.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Clothing Manufacturer For Your Startup

There are a number of things to take into consideration when selecting a clothing manufacturer, including experience, fabric choice, production capacity, and price. A lot of these factors depend on what type of garments you are designing and where they will be sold. The ultimate goal is to find the perfect balance between your budget and needs.


It’s important that when you’re going to choose a clothing manufacturer for your business, you take into consideration their experience in the industry. The experience factor is what separates the good manufacturers from the bad ones. It also shows the level of commitment that they have to produce high-quality products.

You also want to know whether or not they are able to make all kinds of clothing products. There are many suppliers who specialize in a certain type or style of garment, but if you require services like embroidery, vinyl lettering, and other customization options, then you might need a supplier who offers those services too.


Quality is important when it comes to choosing clothing manufacturers. One of the main reasons for this is that quality can have a direct effect on durability of your clothes and your brand’s reputation. And The quality is not just about materials, but also about the attention to detail in every piece of clothing that is made.

It can be challenging to find quality manufacturers, though, because they are not always easy to spot. You can directly check their production certificates, or samples or you can find out who they have been working with, how they handle customer complaints, how they respond to reviews and so on.

Fabric Choices

Fabric is the final part of a clothing piece that touches the skin and determines its comfort, look, and feel. Choosing appropriate fabric for your custom clothing design is very important. Choosing a clothing manufacturer with more wide range of fabric choices can help you make wise decision on which fabric is perfect for your brand.

Production Capacity

Production capacity refers to how much time it takes for a company to produce your custom orders. Different companies have different production capacities, but it is up to you to decide which one best suits your needs.

Buyers should consider production capacity in order for them to meet deadlines or schedule smaller or larger orders at a time.


Price is always an important consideration in any business, especially when it comes to manufacturing clothes for your own design label. It can be the key factor that attracts you or the most important aspect for you to avoid when looking for a new provider.

But it shouldn’t always be an indicator for quality. It’s important for comparing costs so you can get something that’s perfect for your budget.

It will be easy for them to find a company that has high quality standards and that you can trust with your garment from pricing alone.

Satisfied Customers

When it comes to the clothing industry, it is important to choose a manufacturer who has a proven track record of successful products and satisfied customers.

The first step would be to look for reviews on the company’s website or on sites such as Google reviews, Yelp etc., and browse through them for any issues with the company’s products. Another thing you can do is go onto forums such as Reddit or Quora and see what people are saying about the company and their products there.

Know About Custom Clothing Manufacturing Process

The custom clothing manufacturing process is the process of converting customer’s idea into a tangible ready-made product. It includes the steps of customer selection, design development, product creation, and delivery to customer.

Customer Selection

Customer choosing clothing

The first step of the custom clothing manufacturing process is where customer selection happens. Here customers need to select from various options available for suits and other garments and then submit their order by giving their requirements in form of measurement charts or pictures if they want something made-to-measure.

Design Development

Next step is where designers work on sketches and then create a new design for customers which reflects their preferences about style and fabric, color etc. The ultimate goal of this part is to prepare your complete tech pack to meet your brand requirements.

Fabric Sourcing

Fabric sourcing for custom clothing designs

Fabric is a key material in the custom clothing industry and it has a significant impact on the final product. The quality, texture, color, weight of the fabric according to customers’ requirements are all important factors that need to be considered before purchasing it. Fabric sourcing is not an easy task.

Product Creation

Clothes manufacturering factory

The next step is cutting out the fabric from a large piece of material. This can be done by hand or machine depending on what type of material is being used. After this, there will be printing steps. And then, there are several finishing steps that can be taken including sewing together pieces of fabric, adding lining or lace to a garment, or attaching buttons.


When the bulk goods are ready, QC team will conduct several quality checks. If nothing goes wrong, clothing will be packed into custom packages and wait for delivery.


Delivery is quite simple. Normally custom clothing manufacturers will offer different options for their customers. And the shipping cost depends on how fast you want. As soon as your goods are sent, there will be trucking numbers for you to check the shipping process.

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