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1. For Swimwear Startups, We Guide You Every Step.

If you are preparing to launch your swim line and don’t know where to start or keep going, we can guide and support you through every step, from brand design to fast delivery.

2. For Swimwear Brands, We Have Everything You Need.

So far, we’ve helped 290+ swimwear brands grow their sales. And we’ve got over 90% repeat orders. As a professional bikini manufacturer with rich experience, we are here confident enough to invite you to be our next customer. What you’ve got from other bikini manufacturers, you will get more with better customer service.

Recycled Fabric, Save the Planet

What is recycled fabric? How can it save the planet? Why does it matter for both bikini manufacturers and swimwear brands?

Recycled Fabric

Eco-friendly recycled fabric is made from plastic bottles waste.

PET Bottles Waste

Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues. Especially when millions of PET bottles are discarded in the beautiful ocean, they bring massive disaster to sea creatures. If we humans take no action, we will eventually pay the price. Fortunately, we have found one solution: reuse these bottles.

Bottles For Bikini, What A Win-Win Situation!

For both bikini manufacturers and swimwear brands, selling out one piece of bikini not only stands for money but also for social responsibility and practical actions to save the planet.

1. Discarded PET Bottles

2. Break Bottles into Pieces

3. Shape into RPET Yarns

4. Sustainable Recycled Fabric

Starter Guide From Custom Bikini Manufacturer

As a custom bikini manufacturer, we can support you with design, fabric selection, sample making,  bulk production, custom packaging, fast delivery and marketing analysis.

Design Help

Speak your ideas, we can offer you design sketch, 2D or 3D design. And we help build your tech pack including brand logo, printing pattern or image, woven label or hang tag, pantone colors, sizing.

For printing pattern, you can give us shutterstock vector link or ask us to draw.

Fabric Selection

Don’t hesitate to contact us for fabric cards to choose specific gsm and colors.

Quality Assurance

We will guide you every step of custom swimwear, let’s get started.

Want to know how we keep your designs confidential?

Before manufacturing, we will ask you to sign the confidentiality agreements to protect your design concepts, your ideas or your tech packs. 

Confidential Files

Why Choose Us As Your Bikini Manufacturer

MGOO has advantages such as high quality, low MOQ, competitive prices, and more clear advantages compared to other swimwear manufacturers. 

High Quality


Competitive Prices

Eco-friendly Materials

Custom Services

Fast Delivery

Refund Guarantee

How Do Our Customers Say

As a bikini manufacturer, MGOO has helped hundreds of large or small or fresh clothing brands to increase their sales by offering high quality blank styles, custom styles. Before requesting us a quote, please take the following brands and testimonials for your reference.

swimsuits brands

What Makes Our Customers Impressive

MGOO Had Excellent One-Stop Services. 92%
MGOO Team Treated Me As A VIP Client. 97%
The Quality of Clothing Samples Are High. 95%
Instant Communication Made Me Feel Happy. 93%

Knowledge Share Based on Rich Experience

Since 2017, we’ve published dozens of useful articles. As a clothing manufacturer, we sincerely want our customers to get insider perspective on fashion apparel industry. Therefore they will make better decision on clothing business. 

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