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It’s easy to create your own brand of clothing, we are one of the top online custom t-shirt manufacturers in China, with excellent equipment conditions and service value, a one-stop solution to your doubts. You can design and print your own T-shirts in bulk for your customer groups, teams, schools, and companies. If you don’t have any idea about t-shirt design, you can pick a custom t-shirt design from our design library to start your order, any design step is free of charge. You can also bring your own design to order large quantities of custom t-shirts. Contact us now for online access to the hottest selling t-shirt designs of 2023, the first step to your apparel branding success.

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Beyond Basic Tees: Unleashing Creativity with Custom T-shirts

Custom t-shirts are now regarded as a sign of self-expression because they enable people to express their individuality, emotions, and views. These customized clothes have become artistic canvases and are no longer just apparel. And in a world that is more and more focused on individual expression, custom T-shirts have become more popular than ever before.

You might be interested to know more about personalized t-shirts. In this article, we’ll discuss the process of customizing t-shirts, along with some other information you might find helpful.

How Custom T-shirts Are Made

There are often multiple steps involved in the process of customizing t-shirts. However, depending on the customization manufacturer’s resources, equipment, and production capabilities, the specificity and techniques required in each step may change. Now, let’s discuss the step-by-step process of customizing t-shirts:

How Custom T-shirts Are Made

Step 1: Making The Order

The first step is to obtain the order from the client via various channels, including an email, an in-person consultation, or an online store. At this step, amass all the information you need regarding the customizing needs, such as the desired design, number, size, colour, and detailed instructions.

Step 2: Material Sourcing

After receiving the order, it is necessary to research and find trustworthy wholesalers or suppliers of high-quality t-shirt-appropriate textiles, such as cotton, polyester, or mixes. Then place the required number of fabric orders based on the customization requirements and anticipated demand.

Step 3: Material Inspection

Upon receiving the fabric, thoroughly inspect it to ensure it complies with the specified standards for quality, colour, texture, and other needs. And recognize and set aside any defective or subpar materials for replacement or return.

Step 4: Style Design

The next step is to collaborate with the design team or the customer to create a visual depiction of their customization ideas. Then make or finish the intended style using design software or hand sketches, including the positioning, size, and colour of visuals or text.

Step 5: Pattern making

Create a pattern using the accepted style design as a guide so that you can use it to cut the fabric. For each part of the t-shirt, such as the body, sleeves, and collar, draw the necessary forms and proportions to construct a pattern using specialist software or by hand.

Step 6: Fabric Cutting

Lay the fabric on cutting tables or use cutting machines to cut the fabric pieces according to the developed pattern precisely. However, ensuring accuracy and attention to detail while cutting the fabric is crucial to avoid wastage and inconsistencies.

Step 7: T-shirt Printing

Select the most appropriate printing method, such as screen printing, heat transfer, or direct-to-garment printing. It would depend on the need for personalization, the available budget, and the desired results.

Furthermore, prepare the artwork or digital files, set up the printing equipment, and use the selected printing technique to transfer the graphics or text to the fabric.

Step 8: T-shirt Sewing

Sewing the cut fabric pieces together with sewing machines or by hand stitching completes the assembly. Use recognized sewing patterns and processes to guarantee the t-shirts’ perfect alignment, fit, and durability.

Step 9: Quality Check

Quality checking is by far one of the most important steps that many manufacturers often overlook. Each t-shirt should undergo a thorough quality inspection that looks at the stitching, print, colour, and general appearance.

To achieve acceptable quality standards, find flaws or differences and perform the necessary corrections or fixes.

Step 10: Photography

Remember to take beautiful product photos that highlight personalized t-shirts. To showcase the personalization features, set up proper lighting, appealingly arrange the t-shirts, and photograph them from various perspectives.

Step 11: Fold & Pack

Then carefully fold each t-shirt to ensure it remains wrinkle-free and presentable. Place the folded t-shirts into appropriate packaging materials, such as polybags or boxes, and include any additional promotional materials or labels as required.

Step 12: Delivery

The final step is to set up delivery or shipping of the customized t-shirts to the customer’s designated address or drop-off locations. Organize with shipping companies or logistics partners to make sure the packaged t-shirts get to their destinations safely and on time.

What to Look for When Making Custom T-shirts in Bulk

When making custom t-shirts in bulk, it is necessary to consider the material quality, design complexity, pricing, etc. It is also essential to look for positive customer reviews and delivery time while choosing vendors for production.

One must consider numerous aspects to ensure a successful and economic end when producing custom t-shirts in bulk. Considering these aspects, you may pick a printing vendor that satisfies your quality, customization, cost, and delivery needs. So, the following are a few things to look for when making custom t-shirts in bulk:

Making Custom T-shirts in Bulk

Quality of Materials

Material quality is crucial while customizing any t-shirt. So, pick t-shirts made of premium materials that are long-lasting, cosy, and appropriate for the intended use. Consider the fabric weight, blend, and shrinkage to ensure the shirts match your needs. 

Pricing & Quantity

Get estimates from many printing companies to compare prices. Remember, bulk orders can qualify for volume discounts. So think about how many you’ll need and adjust your price offer accordingly. Make sure the supplier can manage the quantity and turnaround time required.

Customization Options

It is also necessary to examine the vendor’s level of customizing flexibility. Find out if they handle various t-shirt designs, hues, and dimensions. You can only accommodate varied preferences and demands by having multiple options.

Printing Techniques

Pick the printing method that best suits your design, budget, and quantity by researching several printing methods, like screen printing, heat transfer, or direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. Think about each technique’s robustness, colour possibilities, and colour palettes.

Design Complexity

Analyze the complexity of your custom design. While some printing techniques work better with more detailed images, others can handle more intricate and vibrant artwork. So, make sure your selected printing method can reproduce your design exactly.

Sample & Proofing

Before placing a significant order, asking for a sample or proof of the finished product is necessary. It aids in ensuring that the print quality, colours, and design fit your standards. Adjustments and vendor changes are more straightforward now than when the bulk order has already been produced.


Read client testimonies or reviews to learn more about the vendor’s reputation. Check reviews for opinions on the company’s customer service, delivery performance, and general satisfaction. You can learn a lot about their dependability and professionalism from this information.

Customer Reviews & Reputation

It is also crucial to consider the supplier’s dedication to environmental sustainability. So, discover whether they employ sustainable production methods, reduce waste, or use eco-friendly inks. Selecting a supplier who shares your commitment to sustainability can enhance your company’s reputation.

Communication & Support

Analyze the vendor’s customer service, communication methods, and responsiveness. From design clearance to delivery, timely and precise communication is crucial to creating a positive experience and rectifying any issues. 

Timelines & Delivery

Have a conversation with the seller about the manufacturing schedule and delivery alternatives. In particular, if you have upcoming events or deadlines, make sure they meet your timeline for delivery. Remember, only dependable shipping and tracking procedures guarantee the timely delivery of your bulk order. 

How to Find a High-Quality Custom T-shirt Clothing Manufacturer

If you want your custom t-shirt to be perfect, you must find a top-notch custom t-shirt clothing manufacturer. So, now, let’s discuss a few things to consider to find a high-quality manufacturer to get your job done:

High Quality Custom T-shirt Clothing Manufacturer

Research Online

Start your search for manufacturers who specialize in producing personalized clothing online. Look for manufacturers with an active online presence, educational websites, and a focus on making customized apparel.

Assess Website & Portfolio

Visit the manufacturers’ websites that you are thinking about buying from. Look into their background, manufacturing capacity, and any certifications they may have.

Additionally, viewing samples of their prior work in their gallery or portfolio is necessary. Besides, remember to pay attention to the level of craftsmanship, the variety of designs, and the general appeal of their t-shirts from an aesthetic standpoint.

Check out Reviews

Check reviews from previous customers who have dealt with the manufacturers you are interested in. Read about their opinions of the product quality, attention to detail, process communication, timeliness, and general customer service provided by the manufacturer.

It can assist you in assessing the manufacturer’s reliability and provide information about the company’s reputation. 

Inquire about Production Capabilities

Ask the manufacturers about their capacity for production by contacting them. Remember to inquire about the machinery they employ, the volume of their manufacturing, and their capacity to handle the size and complexity of your order. You want to be sure they have the abilities and resources to fulfil your demands.


Pay close attention to how manufacturers interact with you. A seamless and effective partnership depends on prompt and competent communication.

So, evaluate their receptivity to your questions and willingness to respond to your concerns or offer clarifications. Communication must be practical and straightforward to guarantee that the creation of your bespoke t-shirt production runs successfully.

Pricing & Payment Terms

Get specific pricing details from the manufacturers. Consider things like the price of the t-shirts, setup fees if applicable, additional expenses for customization or design services, and shipping costs.

Comparing prices from several manufacturers is a good idea. However, remember that the lowest option might not always offer the highest quality. Pick a supplier that strikes a reasonable balance between cost and quality.

Check Ethical & Sustainability Practices

If sustainable methods and ethical labour practices are essential, determine how committed the company is to them. So, inquire whether they adhere to moral standards during production, such as reasonable pay and secure working conditions.

Ask them about their sustainability initiatives, such as using eco-friendly materials or implementing recycling procedures.

The 5 Best Custom Apparel Manufacturers in the US

There are many well-known custom apparel manufacturers in the US. Now, I’ll discuss a few of them:

One of the most trustworthy US fashion apparel companies that offer print-on-demand dropshipping is SPOD. It has been in business for over twenty years, and the well-known Spreadshirt group runs them.

Thanks to its five production facilities in Europe and the United States, SPOD can process up to fifty thousand orders daily.


One of the most affordable custom apparel manufacturer businesses in the USA that enables you to produce clothing with your own ideas and artwork is Printful. The company supports customized packages, labels, packaging inserts, and packing slips.

Furthermore, it has logical and user-friendly design tools. And you can quickly pay via Printful Wallet, credit cards, and Paypal if you purchase from them.


Stylus Apparel is the next stylish clothing company in the US worth mentioning. It has been in business since 1978 and creates factory-direct clothing uniforms. Besides, it uses cutting-edge methods of creation and decorating, including embroidery, screen printing, sublimation printing, cutting, and sewing.

Stylus Apparel 01

CustomInk is a well-established custom apparel company in the USA. They offer many products, including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and bags. CustomInk’s online design tools are user-friendly, allowing customers to easily create and customize their designs.

Furthermore, they have excellent customer service, offering email, phone, and live chat support. Moreover, the company provides various printing methods, including screen printing, embroidery, and digital printing.

They also have a Design Lab allowing users to upload their artwork or use templates and clip art to create designs. Additionally, CustomInk offers bulk order discounts and a quote tool to estimate pricing.

CustomInk 01

5. Jakprints

A reputable manufacturer of personalized clothing for both people and corporations is Jakprints. In addition to direct-to-garment printing, they also provide screen printing, embroidery, and other forms of personalization. Besides, Jakprints is known for delivering quality work with short turnaround times.


Analysis of the Benefits of Choosing a Chinese Apparel Manufacturer for Custom T-shirts

When weighing the advantages of working with a Chinese garment manufacturer like MGOO to produce personalized t-shirts, there are several things to consider.

For instance, Chinese producers frequently provide competitive prices since their labour and production expenses are lower than many other nations. Thus, this could be helpful if you’re seeking affordable customized t-shirt production choices.

Furthermore, China has a developed textile sector with a wealth of expertise in clothing production. Chinese producers like MGOO have the skills, knowledge, and resources to manage many facets of t-shirt production. For instance, they have vast knowledge regarding pattern making, fabric sourcing, printing, and stitching.

Additionally, Chinese clothing manufacturers have continuously streamlined their quality control procedures. Generally, they put strict quality control procedures in place to guarantee the t-shirts fulfil the required criteria.

Chinese Apparel Manufacturer for Custom T-shirts


Custom t-shirts provide people with the confidence to display their uniqueness with a snappy slogan, eye-catching design, or heartfelt gesture. You may be tempted to order some for your business and take advantage of this new craze for custom t-shirts.

So, don’t forget to contact MGOO if you want to order or have further queries. Thanks for reading through.

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