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Sustainable Fashion Brands

Introduction: What Makes a Sustainable Clothing Brand?

We’ve all heard the buzzwords: sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical. But what does it mean to be a sustainable clothing brand?

A sustainable fashion brand is not just a company that makes clothes from eco-friendly materials. It is also a company that considers the social, environmental, and economic impacts of its products.

This means using renewable and recyclable materials, reducing water usage, minimizing waste production, and using energy-efficient practices.

Many brands claim to be eco-friendly but are not. It’s essential to look for brands that have transparent supply chains and make their manufacturing practices public.

Why Sustainable Clothing Brands Matter

The environmental impact of fashion is significant, with the textile industry accounting for over 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. What’s more, it takes about 1,800 gallons of water to produce just one cotton T-shirt. And that’s just one shirt! The average American throws away 70 pounds of clothes per year – and we’re not even counting what other countries are doing with their clothing waste.

Sustainable fashion brands are environmentally-friendly, but they are also socially and economically sustainable. They create jobs for people in developing countries, a significant issue in the garment industry. And the products they make directly benefit their customers both physically and mentally.

Sustainable fashion brands are on the rise, and for a good reason. It’s time to ditch fast fashion and start shopping for clothes that make a difference.

10 Best Sustainable Brands in the US for Men, Women and Kids

The sustainable fashion movement has been gaining momentum in the past few years. It has become a lifestyle for those who want to live more responsibly and harmonize with nature.

To be rated as the best sustainable brands, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a mission that is focused on sustainability.
  • Have products made with eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, etc.
  • Their manufacturing process must be eco-friendly and have minimal impact on the environment.

The Best Sustainable Brands in the US for Men, Women, and Kids list brands that meet these requirements. We have created this list to provide you with an easy way to find sustainable fashion brands without spending hours on research.


Womens Pink Sweatshirt from Patagonia

This company was founded by Yvon Chouinard, who wanted to make a difference on this planet. And he has been doing that for over 40 years now. Patagonia’s mission statement is to use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. The company also commits to minimizing its environmental footprint. It does this by using recycled materials, donating 1% of its sales each year for environmental causes, using organic cotton in its clothes, and using recycled bottles in its packaging.


Bounce Bell Sleeve Hoodie from Pact

Its mission is to build Earth’s Favorite Clothing Company. Their roots run deep (literally) in organic farming. They use sustainable crops, organic farms, and chemical-free dyes to ensure our fibers are supporting Mother Earth from seed to tee. At Pact, they choose to use organic cotton because it sustains the health of soils, ecosystems, and people by using natural farming processes. And they partner with Fair Trade Certified™ factories to ensure safe working conditions, empower employees, uplift local communities, and promote a sustainable environment.


Womens Linen Top from Reformation

Reformation is a company that is committed to sustainability and ethical production. It has been making waves in the fashion industry since Yael Aflalo founded it in 2008. The brand has successfully created a global retail presence, with stores in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco. Reformation also has a solid online presence through its website and e-commerce store. Reformation offers an eco-conscious line of clothing made out of organic materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, or organic wool. Reformation’s most recent commitment to sustainability is developing its sustainable fabric line, which will be made of 100% organic cotton sourced from India.


Open Back Rib Dress from Everlane

Everlane is an online store that sells clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. The company was founded on providing customers with high-quality, ethically manufactured clothing at a fair price. They have a very transparent supply chain which means they show their customers where their clothes come from and how much it costs them to produce each item. They have been working to reduce their environmental impact since day one, and they are committed to continually improving their sustainability practices. Everlane has also partnered with factory workers in China so they can get better pay and work conditions than other factories.


Green One Piece from Columbia

Columbia is a sustainable brand that has been around for over a century. They started as a small company that manufactured rainwear for farmers and other outdoor workers in upstate New York. The company’s first product was a waterproof jacket known as the “Bogota” jacket, which later became the Columbia Rainmaster Jacket. The company has evolved significantly since its inception, but it has always been committed to providing quality outdoor clothing to its customers at an affordable price point. Today it offers everything from jackets to footwear to accessories like backpacks and hats.


Long Sleeve Shirt from Outlier

Outlier is a clothing company founded by Abe Burmeister and Tyler Clemens in New York City in 2009. It makes sustainably made and innovative clothing for cyclists, travelers, and athletes. Outlier specializes in performance outerwear, technical shirts, and pants. Its products are designed to be more durable than conventional clothing. Outlier’s clothes are functional and adaptive to the needs of the wearer. The company has a sustainable approach to business where the goal is not just about making profits but also about minimizing the impact on the environment.


Womens Tees and Shorts from Nau

Nau is a sustainable clothing company committed to sustainability and reducing the use of natural resources. They produce women’s and men’s clothes made from recyclable materials like plastic bottles and surplus denim fabric. Nau strives to reduce the impact of its products on the environment by using organic and natural materials, installing solar panels in its factories, and creating water-resistant collections or made out of recycled materials. Nau transforms their fabrics into water-resistant, environmentally-friendly, and animal-friendly products. Nau’s clothes are made of 100% recycled ocean plastic.


White Long Sleeve Shirt from VETTA

VETTA is one of the finest sustainable clothing brands in the US. It began as a project started by two designers, Helena B and Katerina, who wanted to create ethically produced clothing with minimal consumption of materials and energy. The company’s dedication to the environment and people earned them a prestigious award in 2016. The company has been involved with many projects to promote sustainability and social impact, including involvement with a project called “Life Cycles,” which provides free menstrual products for homeless women in Portland, Oregon. They are committed to delivering quality clothes and will continue to be an industry leader in innovation and sustainability.


French Terry Jogger

Tentree is a socially responsible, sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand. It recently became a Member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and the first brand to achieve certification for its entire product line. Tentree’s mission is to create beautiful, high-quality, sustainable clothing. Their clothes are made from 100% organic cotton, hemp, and other natural materials. They use low-impact dyes, recyclable packaging, and minimal resources in their production process. This company is great because they are helping save our planet by using sustainable materials that don’t harm animals or produce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.


Linen Short from Quince

Quince is a NYC-based women’s clothing label founded by two women who wanted to make an ethical and sustainable clothing brand that was also high quality in 1994. They offer a great selection of in-season items that are eco-conscious. They produce high quality clothes and accessories with zero waste. They are also known for their commitment to the environment and their social responsibility initiatives. Quince believes in investing in people, the environment, and the community through their apparel collections and philanthropic endeavors. Quince is not just sustainable, but also one of the best places to purchase cottons, linens and silks that are made in the USA.

The Future of Sustainable Fashion is Now

There has been a dramatic shift in consumer demand for sustainability in the past three decades. Some major players in the industry are responding to this call and are integrating sustainability into their business models. Nowadays, new technologies are providing better ways of creating environmentally sustainable clothing.

Fashion companies want to be more sustainable, and they are turning to new technologies such as 3D printing to create more eco-friendly clothing. 3D printing is when a computer uses a digital design and then prints it out using buildable fabric or other material.

This process could help create new fabrics or even create garments with original designs that use less material than traditional manufacturing. This way, fashion companies will be able to produce smaller runs of items, reducing their carbon footprint and the amount of waste they make.

5 Tips of How to Buy Sustainable Clothes

As people have become more aware of their environmental impact, they have also become more cognizant of the clothes they buy. Buying sustainable clothes has become an essential component of many individuals’ lifestyles.

The following are five simple tips for how to buy sustainable clothes. It only takes a few minutes but can make a huge difference in the world around you and your wardrobe.

Avoid fast fashion.

Fast fashion companies take advantage of poor working conditions and low wages in their factories. This leads to higher production costs, lower quality, and a shorter life span for the garment. By avoiding these types of stores, you can buy clothing from ethical brands that focus on sustainability.

Know sustainable materials.

Buy clothes made with sustainable materials such as organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo. Avoid using fibers that come from unsustainable sources. And choose uncolored or natural dyed clothes because they do not use harsh chemicals like sulphuric acid in the dyeing process, contaminate water supplies and pollute the environment.

Find sustainable fashion brands.

One of the most important things that we have to consider when deciding what to buy is how sustainable it is. We want to know if the brand has a good reputation if they use ethical and sustainable materials and pay attention to environmental impact.

Buy used clothes.

Many people go shopping at thrift stores or buy used clothes online to save money and reduce waste. You can also find secondhand clothing on eBay or Facebook marketplaces.

Buy durable clothes.

Invest in clothing that is durable so it will last longer than others. This will help reduce the number of times you need to buy clothes.

Conclusion: Be Smart When Shopping For Eco-friendly Clothes

It is essential to be aware of the effect that clothing brands have on the environment. The garments that we wear directly impact the environment in which they are made, shipped, and worn. It immediately affects the people who work in these factories and the environment and animals around them.

It is even more critical to buy sustainable clothes because of all the problems we face, such as climate change and water shortage. We need to make sure that we do not take from our environment more than it can give us.

We often think of high prices when we think of sustainable fashion brands. But some brands are affordable and still have the same quality as the more expensive ones. When you decide to buy sustainable clothes, you first need to figure out what you need and then spend energy finding suitable clothing brands for your need. If you are going to start a sustainable clothing line, it’s crucial to look for a sustainable clothing supplier first.

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