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3000+ Various styles designed by Our designers. Design libiary keep updated daily. Save your design fee on better quality products.

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Our team will work with you directly from design assistance, sample making, bulk manufacturing, to fast delivery/dropship.  We’re here to help you from A-Z.

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    What Are Custom Clothing Manufacturers?

    The term custom clothing manufacturers is applied to businesses that take orders for custom-made garments and then produce them following the customer’s specifications. This is usually more expensive than buying ready-made clothes off the rack. There are two types of custom clothing manufacturers – mass production and made-to-order. The first one produces clothes in bulk, while the latter considers an individual’s unique requirements. The latter is also made-To-Measure or bespoke clothing manufacturers who work with customers to give them personalized fits.

    custom clothing tech pack

    The following text is an introduction to custom clothing manufacturers and how they differ from off-the-rack:
    Although it may seem like it would not be cost-effective to make custom clothes, many benefits can make them more appealing. These include designing clothes that suit your brand or your style, choosing fabrics and colors, and even specifying which seaming you want (e.g., zipper or button). Customizing your clothes in this way has less impact on the environment if you choose recycled eco-friendly fabrics and accessories. 

    The Process Of Custom Clothing Manufacturers

    There are about seven steps of how brand clothes are made from scratch. Every little step can be divided into several steps. A good custom clothing manufacturer will always keep the simplest steps for customers. The fact is making custom clothing is not as difficult as you think. 

    For example, you don’t have to be good at designing, and you even don’t have to know about designing. Good custom clothing manufacturers can offer design options for your projects. They can even make your brand designs by their professional team. Your work is to say yes or no or other ideas. Then they will take the remaining work  according to your requirements. 

    custom clothing process

    How To Find High Quality Custom Clothing Manufacturers?

    search on google

    Finding suppliers may seem difficult, but you can use google keywords to find a supplier that meets your needs.

    Simply using google search engine and typing in keywords related to the product or service you want such as “custom clothing manufacturers”, “custom clothing suppliers”. You will get results with a list of clothing companies that offer  “cut and sew” or “one-stop custom services”. 

    Next, you will need to tell if those clothing manufacturers are real or reliable. Go to check their about page see if there are factory pictures or certificates. You can also search their social media accounts. If there are lots of professional information or active fans on their social accounts, they can be trustworthy for being your business partner to some extent. 

    fashion apparel exhibition

    In the past few years, attending clothing trade shows has been the most effective way to find a proper clothing manufacturer. On the one hand, an application to be an attendee has filtered some small unqualified clothing suppliers. On the other hand, you can directly touch the clothing products and talk with many clothing suppliers about their experiences or certificates. What’s more, some traditional clothing factories didn’t have any website or social media accounts before. Thus attending the apparel display might be the only way to get in touch with them. 

    Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of this. Plenty of international industrial exhibitions like fashion apparel have been shut down. Instead, you can try some online fashion industrial forums. Some forums were built after traditional fashion apparel exhibitions at the very beginning. Then more and more related forums appeared due to the rising demand to find professional or high-quality clothing manufacturers.

    social media platforms

    Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, and Twitter, have search areas for users to find target people or companies. Next, I will introduce the four common ways to get what you want. Attention, having a formal company page or not can be one of the standards to judge if a clothing manufacturer is professional enough. 

    friends recommendations

    Both clothing manufacturers and potential buyers always welcome customer reviews and recommendations. Some clothing manufacturers usually offer discounts for the introducer. It would be great if you had some friends doing the clothing business. You can ask for suppliers’ suggestions based on their cooperation experience. And most custom clothing manufacturers can offer a wide range of clothing types. You can choose a different niche from your friend. Possibly, your friend can tell you more success secrets. 

    If you can’t reach owners of clothing brands, try to follow fashion bloggers or influencers doing clothing line tutoring. Those bloggers often have mature clothing businesses and are active on social media platforms. You will reach some by searching for questions like how to start a clothing line. Remember, those people are good at marketing. Sometimes you don’t need to find them, and they will show on your face when you surf online. 

    Once you’ve found some reliable bloggers, you can contact them for clothing suppliers’ recommendations. Or you can leave a comment below their Youtube channel or Facebook group. 

    5 Best Custom Clothing Manufacturers In The US.

    1. American Stitchco, Inc.

    Headquartered in Mountain Home, AR, American Stitchco offers contract sewing services not only for clothing types including baby clothing, uniform clothing but also for sporting goods, home goods, automotive, aerospace, and specialty products. 

    They can also offer custom clothing services cause they have special design departments. 

    Contact info:

    2. Carolina Glove Co.

    Founded in 1946, it is a family-owned business focused on men’s and women’s protective clothing. They offer various types in different sizes. Heat transfer, block and pad printing, labeling, barcoding, tagging, shrink wrapping, and packaging services are available.

    Contact info:

    3. AdCapitol

    It specializes in men’s and women’s clothing including dress, uniform, sport, shirts, coats, vests, shorts, safety and medical clothing. The products are usually made from cotton, poly-cotton, polyester, tricot polyester, poplin and other fabric materials. Available in different styles, wide variety of color options and standard sizes from small to 3XL with company name, logo and printing options.

    Contact info: 800-868-7111


    Zega Apparel gives endless customization alternatives to customers all around the globe. They provide customization on almost every kind of fabric, design, and pattern. And it ships to customers worldwide and provides a printing facility on blank shirts to customers in the USA. 

    Contact info:


    It is an emerging apparel company offering versatile private label services to different brands in the United States. Affix has been a prominent force in the clothing industry for the last 10 years and has dedicated resources for clothing brands to help them in building up their identity in the market for different types of clothing products such as hoodies, T-shirts, tops, jackets, and sportswear.

    Contact info:

    Benefits To Choose Custom Clothing Manufacturers In China.

    • Competitive Prices

    Compared with American custom clothing manufacturers, suppliers in China can help save plenty of money on each step of the clothes manufacturing process. Raw materials, designing fees, and factory labor in China cost less than in the US. 

    • High Work Efficiency

    People worldwide may hear a sentence that Chinese people can work very hard. It’s not because of the country’s developing level but because Chinese people often regard diligence as one super good virtue. When it comes to custom clothing, workers in any Chinese clothing manufacturer are most likely to perform well for different projects. 

    • Fabric Types

    The textile industry in China has a history of several thousand years and has always constituted an important branch of the national economy in terms of income. Throughout its long history, China has also developed most kinds of various fabrics and accessories.

    • Fluent Communication

    Thanks to the spread of compulsory education in China, according to official statistics, nearly 500 million people are now learning English. If you choose custom clothing manufacturers in China, you will find that there is almost no language barrier. Moreover, with the development of information technology, Chinese garment factories have more opportunities to understand and use international communication channels.

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