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You can simply select from our design library or talk to our designer directly. 

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We offer OEM &  ODM services so that you can only focus on selling.


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MGOO produces all types of clothing including t-shirts,  hoodies, sweatshirts, sleepwear, swimwear, and more with fast turnarounds times at very reasonable prices.

Topics Related To Clothing Manufacturers For Startups

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    Introduction Of Clothing Manufacturers For Startups

    Startup clothing brands are in need of clothing manufacturers or suppliers to provide them with their products. The brands do not have enough capital to invest, so they outsource their production. They also need designers and marketers. 

    Clothing manufacturers for startups can offer a range of services for startup clothing brands, including manufacturing, branding and design while offering advice on what they should produce and how they should market themselves. This article talks about topics related to clothing manufacturers for startups. We want to save you time searching for the right manufacturer and complete guide when working with clothing manufacturers so that you can only focus on what they do best and what is most important for your new clothing line.

    Opportunities For Startup Clothing Brands

    There is a lot of opportunities for startup clothing brands today. In general, manufacturing for clothes and other products has transformed into a globalized process thanks to the internet with B2B platforms like Alibaba. Anyone can get finished products to sell. Moreover, Well-established B2C platforms such as Amazon or online store platforms like Shopify also provide many marketing opportunities for startups to promote and sell their products.

    Social media has become one of a fresh clothing brand’s most important marketing avenues. It provides an innovative opportunity for any new company to build brand awareness, market its products and increase its customer base. The ability to post images, videos and text on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest makes new clothing brands favorable, which helps them get immediate feedback compared with other marketing strategies like print advertising or television commercials.

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    Challenges For Startup Clothing Brands

    The lack of resources is a problem that plagues anyone trying to start their own clothing company or online brand. Clothing manufacturers for startup companies are few and far between, so most startup entrepreneurs have to scramble for limited resources.

    For example, a recent survey revealed that clothing manufacturers in the US are geared toward the major brands with deep pockets who can afford to pay top dollar. The remaining 20% of manufacturing companies are built to serve smaller startups.

    You often see startups with great ideas, but they often do not have the skills to execute that ideas. And not many clothing manufacturers are capable of designing. Therefore it’s quite difficult for a startup clothing brand to prepare logos or patterns, even tech packs for clothes manufacturing.

    However, there are some solutions. For example, with today’s technology, clothing startups can create logos with AI-powered logo design tools like Logojoy which lets anyone without any design knowledge to create high-quality logos in minutes. Startups also can find clothing manfacturers that has design team to help deal with design skethes. By the way, MGOO is one of them. Directly contact us for a design now. 

    Finding the right products to sell as a startup clothing brand is crucial to success. Many variables need to be considered when choosing the perfect product. These are: how much will it cost? How popular is it? Is there competition in the market?

    Understanding these factors and knowing whether this product will sell well for your target customer can be difficult and also requires enough researches. If you have any questions, feel free to talk with us to see which clothing style is popular among our customers.

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    While starting up, many clothing brands have to think about the whole supply chain. Why? In the fast-paced fashion industry, every step of the supply chain counts. One wrong supplier can make some startups go bust. One of the most important things to find is a apparel manufacturer that can produce high-quality clothes at an affordable cost and quickly.

    Also, clothing startups are in a high-competition market when it comes to finding suppliers. This is because there are many startups offering similar products and other established brands with more experience and clout in their industry. We’ve made a list of ways to find quality clothing manufacturers in another page, if you are interested, click to read more. 

    Things To Consider When Work With Apparel Manufacturers

    1. Mini Order Quantity

    Every startup needs to find the best way to keep its inventory costs low. One of the most important factors is mini-order quantity, which is the number of pieces needed for a single production run. Different clothing or apparel manufacturers for startups often have different MOQ standards.

    However, most clothing startups don’t have enough orders; thus, they might not be able to work with some apparel manufacturers with large numbers of MOQ, such as 500 pcs per design and style.

    2. One Stop Services

    The better the apparel manufacturer’s system, the more experience it has and the more capable it is of providing one-stop services, which include design assistance, material sourcing, sample making, bulk production, quality control (photography assistance),  shipping, and after-sale services. It would be better if you choose a one-stop apparel manufacturer, cause the manufacturer can help save your time, cost, and energy. 

    As a starter in the fashion industry, there is a lot to do. And your ultimate goal is to promote and grow your brand, right? So, if the apparel manufacturer is qualified and trustworty, you can leave the rest job for their professionals to do. 

    3. Professional Suggestions

    Fashion startups often don’t have the resources to hire a branding consultant or even an experienced designer. They could seek help from a supplier who specializes in startup brands, for example, and has experience in these areas.

    Clothing suppliers can offer professional suggestions on everything from logo design and marketing to pricing and distribution.

    4. Customer Feedback

    Customer feedback and other customer’s experiences about the products and services are crucial for any startup clothing brand to find a good enough supplier company.

    The reason is that startups don’t have enough capital and experience in this industry, so if they don’t know how to tell if a clothing supplier is qualified, it will make them spend lots of time and money on this process.

    5. After-sale Services

    Startup clothing brands need to consider after-sale services from clothing suppliers, as they can impact the customer experience and make or break the relationship with their buyers.

    After-sale services are not just about giving a refund if there are quality issues. It is also about making sure that the startups feel comfortable enough to come back in the future and buy more clothes from their apparel manufacturer.

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