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A Guide To Choosing The Right T-Shirt Printing Method
For Your Apparel Startup

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    What is tshirt printing?

    Tshirt printing can be one of the best ways to grow your apparel startup, whether you are an entrepreneur or a fashion enthusiast. In fact, with the growth of manufacturing options and customer demands, it is one of the most trending business approaches. But most of the time, t-shirt printing is not as simple as it may sound. For that, you will need the proper guidelines.

    There are many t-shirt printing options available. The most popular methods include screen printing, heat press, dye sublimation, and the DTG method. It is also crucial to select a suitable fabric for the type of t-shirt printing to get the best results.

    Screen Printing02

    You need to be aware of many factors before you start your project t-shirt printing. You can create your own clothing line successfully when you have the right tools and techniques up your sleeves. So, for businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs looking forward to t-shirt printing, the ultimate t-shirt printing guideline is essential. Let’s get into it.

    Types Of T-Shirt Printing

    The first thing that a business should select before getting into the work of t-shirt printing is figuring out what type of printing they want. Many t-shirt printing options are available for you to achieve your desired outcomes. Make sure to select the printing method that is most suitable for your business. Here are some of the best t-shirt printing methods for you to try out.

    Screen Printing

    Screen printing is a technique for printing images onto t-shirts and other textiles. A stencil, or “screen,” is created with the design to be printed. Ink is then forced through the screen and onto the fabric using a squeegee. The process can be repeated for multiple colors, with each color requiring its own screen. Screen printing is a popular method for creating large quantities of durable, high-quality t-shirt designs.

    Screen Printing


    • Screen printing is durable and produces long-lasting prints that can withstand repeated washing and wear.
    • It is a versatile technique that can be used to print on a variety of surfaces, including textiles, paper, plastic, and more.
    • Screen printing allows various color options, including custom color mixing to create unique shades and gradients.
    • It is a cost-effective method for printing in large quantities, making it a popular choice for bulk orders.


    • Setting up the screens and preparing the ink can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, making it less suitable for small-scale or one-off prints.
    • The process of screen printing can be messy, with ink and other materials requiring careful handling to avoid spills and stains.
    • Fine details and complex designs may translate poorly to screen printing. The process is best suited for bold, simple graphics with limited colors.

    Heat Press

    Heat press printing is a method of transferring designs onto fabrics using a combination of heat and pressure. In this process, the design is printed onto a transfer paper or vinyl sheet and then placed onto the fabric. A heat press machine is then used to apply heat and pressure to the transfer, causing it to adhere to the material. It is one of the most popular methods for creating custom t-shirts and other apparel items.

    the printing of clothing


    • Heat press printing allows various design options, including full-color photographs and intricate graphics.
    • The printing process is relatively quick and easy, making it ideal for small or custom orders.
    • Heat press printing produces durable, long-lasting prints resistant to fading and peeling.
    • It can be used on various materials, including cotton, polyester, and blends, making it a versatile method for creating custom apparel.


    • The print quality can be affected by factors such as temperature, pressure, and moisture, which can make the process more challenging to achieve consistent results.
    • Heat press printing is best suited for small to medium-sized designs and may be less effective for larger designs or prints that require high levels of detail.
    • This method is less suitable for businesses with limited budgets or those focused on producing larger quantities.

    Dye Sublimation

    Dye sublimation is a modern t-shirt printing solution where digital printing methods transfer an image to the fabric using heat. That is, this process transfers dye into your t-shirts using heat and specialized ink the procedure. The transfer paper is then placed on the material to be printed and heated. So, the ink turns into a gas and bonds with the fibers of the fabric, creating a high-quality print.

    Dye Sublimation


    • Creates high-quality prints with sharp details, vibrant colors, and smooth gradations.
    • Results in long-lasting prints that are resistant to fading, peeling, and cracking.
    • Versatile printing on various materials such as fabric, plastic, and metal.
    • No color limitations, enabling the reproduction of full-color images, including photographs.


    • Limited to light-colored materials as the dye cannot be transferred onto dark surfaces.
    • High initial cost due to the need for specialized equipment and inks.
    • Limited production speed as the process is relatively slow compared to other printing methods.

    Direct-to-Garment Printing (DTG)

    Direct-to-Garment Printing (DTG) is a digital method for applying designs onto garments using specialized inkjet printers. The printer directly applies water-based ink onto the fabric, allowing for detailed designs with high color accuracy. This method produces less waste than other traditional methods, making it a sustainable printing solution.

    dtg printing on t shirts


    • DTG printing allows for highly detailed designs and accurate color reproduction, even on complex images and photographs.
    • It is a more flexible printing method, allowing for smaller order quantities and custom prints with no minimums.
    • DTG printing is more environmentally friendly than traditional screen printing, with less ink and chemical waste produced.
    • The printing process is quick and efficient, allowing for faster turnaround times and speedier fulfillment of orders.


    DTG printing can be more expensive than traditional screen printing, especially for larger orders or designs with multiple colors.

    • The ink used in DTG printing is water-based. It may not be as durable as the inks used in screen printing, making it less suitable for garments subject to frequent washing or heavy wear.
    • The type of fabric and garment color can affect the quality and vibrancy of the print, and not all materials are suitable for DTG printing.

    Best Fabrics For Different T-Shirt Printing

    There are no right or wrong fabrics when it comes to printing your favorite t-shirts. However, when you are thinking from a business perspective for growing your apparel startup, you need to consider some best options. Because some fabrics can suit all your business needs, including high-quality output and customer satisfaction. So, here are some of the best fabrics to consider.


    Cotton is a popular choice for custom printing through various printing methods. Similarly, most printing methods come out wonderfully in a cotton t-shirt. It is arguably one of the safest choices for your t-shirt printing business.

    At the same time, cotton is breathable, durable, and absorbs ink effectively. Cotton fabrics can tick all your needs, within affordability as well. These are also some of the most demanded t-shirt fabric types for people of all groups. All these characteristics make cotton a safe t-shirt printing choice for businesses worldwide.


    Another popular fabric to consider for different t-shirt printing methods is polyester. Polyester is a smart choice for printing because it has excellent color vibrancy. Additionally, it can withstand high temperatures, which is essential for the heat press of sublimation methods.

    Polyester is also a lightweight, quick-drying fabric that serves various niche purposes. This fabric will not shrink after washing or ruin the vibrant prints made on them. These are also among the best choices for athletic, business, or casual wear. As a result, printing on polyester is an excellent choice.


    Tri-blend fabrics are one of the best choices for customization and custom printing. These fabrics are made by combining 50% polyester, 25% rayon, and 25% cotton. Hence, the final result is a breathable, soft, yet luxurious choice for your t-shirts.

    Various t-shirt printing methods work perfectly on tri-blend fabrics. It is also a popular choice by customers because you can simultaneously get the advantages of cotton and polyester. The prints will also give off a vintage look and feel, making them an excellent business choice. Ultimately, tri-blend fabrics are trendy choices for printing and customization.

    Performance Fabrics

    Suppose you are looking for unique fabric choices to print on or to target a niche market. In that case, performance fabrics can be a wonderful choice. These fabrics are a blend of synthetic and natural fibers that are durable enough to withstand higher temperatures and chemical usage. So, they are perfect for using different printing methods.

    Performance fabrics like moisture-wicking or stretchy materials are often used for sports or fitness-related t-shirts. These fabrics are designed to be breathable and comfortable, making them ideal for sublimation or direct-to-garment printing.

    Benefits Of Choosing The Right T-Shirt Printing For Your Clothing Brand

    Choosing the right t-shirt printing for your clothing brand can significantly impact your business’s success. One of the key benefits is that it allows you to create unique and eye-catching designs that stand out from the competition. It can significantly help to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.

    Similarly, using high-quality printing techniques can enhance the durability and longevity of your t-shirts, improving customer satisfaction and leading to repeat business. Choosing the proper printing method can also give you greater flexibility in terms of the type of designs and fabrics. This can enable you to cater to a broader range of customers.

    worker printing in clothing products line

    At the same time, selecting a suitable t-shirt printing can help reduce production costs and increase profitability. Choosing an efficient and cost-effective printing method can reduce waste, minimize errors, and streamline your production process.

    This can lead to lower production costs per unit. Hence, you can increase your profit margins and allow you to invest in other areas of your business. Finally, investing in the proper t-shirt printing for your clothing brand can enable you to establish your brand as a reputable and trustworthy business. This can be crucial for the long-term success of your business.

    The Mistakes You Should Avoid When Customizing T-Shirt Printing

    Customizing t-shirt printing is a popular way to create unique and personalized garments for yourself or your business. However, people often make a few mistakes when customizing t-shirts that can lead to poor quality or disappointing results. Here are some errors to avoid when customizing t-shirt printing:

    Printing Method

    There are several different methods for printing designs onto t-shirts. The list includes- screen printing, direct-to-garment printing, heat transfer, and many more. Each method has its own strengths and weaknesses that can come out in the finished product.

    Choosing the wrong method for your design can result in poor quality or a design that only lasts for a while. Hence, research the different printing methods available and choose the one that is best suited for your design.

    Copyrighted Materials Without Permission

    Using famous logos, images, or quotes in your custom t-shirt designs can be tempting. However, using copyrighted materials without permission is illegal and can have serious consequences.

    So, make sure that all the materials you use in your design are either your original creations or licensed for use. This will prevent a lot of adverse and legal complications afterward.

    Uploading Low-Quality Images

    When designing your custom t-shirt, starting with high-quality images that are at least 300 dpi is essential. Low-quality images can result in a blurry or pixelated design, making it difficult to read or see the details of the design.

    This is why when you are printing images on your t-shirts, it is crucial to use the highest quality images. This will allow you to create your design with the best possible result.

    poor quality tshirt printing

    The quality of the t-shirt you choose to customize can significantly impact the final result. Low-quality t-shirts may not hold the ink well, resulting in a faded or uneven design. Selecting a high-quality t-shirt made of durable materials that can withstand frequent washing and wear is essential.

    It is crucial to choose standard quality materials such as fabrics, printing ink, tools, materials, and images to print for your t-shirts. Otherwise, you will be unable to achieve your desired outcomes and satisfy your customers.

    5 Best Custom T-Shirt Printing Apparel Manufacturers In The World

    Many factors come to play when you are selecting an apparel manufacturer. It includes production capacity, output quality, services they offer, time specificness, etc. Based on these criteria and more, here is our list of the world’s 5 best custom t-shirt printing apparel manufacturers.


    Fashinza is one of the best international B2B service providers when it comes to clothing manufacturing. They are based in the USA and UAE and headquartered in Gurugram, India. This company can provide all types of clothing varieties while offering international shipping.

    Another unique feature that sets Fashinza apart is its AI-driven platform to provides you with personalized manufacturing solutions. So, you can easily get consultation and assistance to meet your business objectives. They are also great for all business types, thanks to the low MOQ and fast delivery advantages.

    Good Clothing Company

    Good Clothing Company is undoubtedly one of the best choices for custom t-shirt printing for your business. Located at Massachusetts’ Fall River, they can offer various printing styles, methods, and unique specifications to guarantee the best results. You can leave all your worries about the t-shirt quality as they will provide you with the best options.

    Similarly, Good Clothing Company will provide you with various services, such as design, pattern-making, sample-making, and production. Startups, apparel brands, and businesses of all types can effectively collaborate with this company.

    Arvind Limited

    When it comes to custom t-shirt printing, Arvind Limited is one of the most reliable apparel manufacturers in the world. Arvind Limited. It was founded in 1931 in Ahmedabad, India. Currently, they are one of the biggest textile companies in the world, with its headquarters in Gujarat, India.

    The company is well known for supplying high-end fabrics, distinctive designs, and current trends to textile manufacturers all over the world. So, for custom t-shirt printing and results of the best degree, this company is a reliable name to all.

    Euphoric Colors

    Euphoric Colors is one of the most renowned American clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles. This business can offer full-service apparel manufacturing for private labels while maintaining the highest quality standards. So, if you are looking for high-quality custom t-shirt printing, this company can be a safe choice.

    Additionally, they can also provide you with technological innovations and modern infrastructure to guarantee the best printing quality. Thus, you can ensure the best results from the manufacturing solutions of Euphoric Colors.

    MGOO Fashion Apparel

    MGOO Fashion Apparel Co. is one of the leading clothing manufacturers in the USA. We are based in Guangdong, China, and offer international shipping with the fastest delivery times. For custom t-shirt printing, we offer our clients A-Z services to bring their vision to life. This includes sample testing, consultation, printing methods, delivery drop shipping, after-sale services, etc.

    We have helped more than 4000 fashion brands grow upon 10000 styles. Our company is undoubtedly one of the best options for your business, especially if you want the best quality custom t-shirt printing for your business. Our low MOQ of 80-100 pcs per style/color can suit all business types to collaborate with. Thus, we can guarantee the best t-shirt printing services to provide a worthwhile experience.

    Choose The Right Clothing Manufacturers For T-shirt Printing

    With the right tools, techniques, and guidelines, tshirt printing can become more efficient and successful for your business. As a result, you can enjoy numerous competitive advantages and cater to a large sector of customers. Therefore, with the complete guide to choosing the right t-shirt printing method for your business, enjoy the rewards today!

    We will lead you every step of the way until your Amazing Cool Creative Fantastic Great Brand succeed!