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Best Apps for Fashion Designers

With a plethora of online applications available to assist you in designing clothes, it is safe to say that the fashion industry has changed for the better. These apps allow you to create unique details, and even build a loyal customer base.

If you are a fashion designer or intend to launch your clothing business, a fashion design app might come in handy. To help you create new designs and market your fashion line, we have compiled a list of the best fashion design apps in this article. So, make sure to stick around till the end!

7 Apps For Fashion Inspiration

With just a few swipes, you can get access to all the free images and fashion ideas you need on your smartphone. You will no longer need to look for clothes among thousands of pictures on the internet. These applications are the best fashion design apps that inspire you to design your clothes.

Here are the top 7 apps for fashion design inspiration that can help you come up with unique ideas.

1. Depop


If you are one of those people who tend to check out other people’s outfits and wonder where they got it from, Depop is all you need. The app helps find products from clothing lines using search keywords.

Even if you are someone who is looking for new ideas and original looks, Depop will serve you just right. One of the best features is that you can also buy or sell new attire directly from the fashion design app.

2. Save Your Wardrobe


This is one of the newest apps that helps you organize all of your fashion ideas into one app. Save Your Wardrobe is committed to providing you with sources that help with dry cleaning and repair services as well.

The app helps you take better care of your clothes, making them last much longer. You will also be notified about the condition of your clothes as well as the approximate delivery time.

3. Rent The Runway


There are always those who are more fashionable than others. If you are one of them, then chances are you always try new looks for every party or occasion you go to. However, you might also be someone who doesn’t wear the same clothes again.

Renting the Runway lets you look through endless rental options. You will look your best while also putting your clothes on sale as you buy new ones. You can get almost everything, from everyday wear to high-end fashion brands.

4. Le Tote


Le Tote is an inspirational fashion design app created for women of all shapes and sizes. The specialty of the app is that it has maternity rental options. You will be able to stay in style while you can also rent or return new clothes as your body changes.

To assist you in finding the ideal formal wear outfit, the app also offers a business option. Thanks to this app, every work outfit you wear will be trendy from now on.

5. Grailed


Fashion design apps aren’t only targeted toward women. Grailed is an app where you can find vintage and resale options for menswear. You can get the latest trends as well as classic looks for clothing.

You can both buy and sell the clothes that you no longer wear. Grailed is a peer-to-peer app that allows you to find fashionable clothing at the touch of a button.

6. Stylebook


Another interesting app that you can use for your fashion design and clothing is Stylebook. The app works like your virtual wardrobe, where you add and buy all the outfits that you desire. There are over 90 tools for you to help manage everything. Stylebook is a great app that can help you refresh your wardrobe instead of buying new clothes.

7. 30 Wear


This app for fashion inspiration is made for designers who wish to dress more fashionably while also being sustainable. If you don’t want to contribute to environmental pollution while buying new clothes, this app is worth checking out!

The app has a wide range of clothing brands for you to choose from. You can either buy them or design your own while taking inspiration.

Now that you’ve drawn inspiration from these designs and are looking to create new clothing for your brand, you’ll need to promote it to catch the attention of a wide range of people. Read more to learn about how you can get your brand out there.

5 Fashion Apps For Product Marketing

If you are the owner of a small fashion clothing line business, you need to come up with marketing strategies and be consistent with your product and content promotion. This is where fashion promotion and marketing apps come into play.

1. Mention


Keeping up with fashion trends is important for your clothing line. Moreover, you must keep all of your content on your website and social media pages up-to-date. You should also keep track of comments that are posted by your customers about your clothing brand or other companies.

However, keeping track of all your comments and mentions is hard. This is where mention comes in; it helps you keep all your social media updates in one place. You can monitor all your updates as well as certain keywords and sources.

The app also collects statistics for you to know how well your posts are reaching your targeted audience.

2. Perka


Perka is another app best suited for your clothing brand’s promotion. If you are an entrepreneur, you might want to create a loyalty program. You want your customers to come back to your business and keep purchasing your clothes.

Perka helps you enable a loyalty program online. You will be able to connect with your customers more. You will be aware of your customers’ demand, and you will be able to deliver those designs accordingly.

3. GetResponse


GetResponse works as a great tool for your fashion design business’s email marketing. The app keeps track of how effective your email marketing is at promoting your brand. GetResponse has a dashboard where you can check all the stats and post interactions to know how your business is doing.

You will be able to figure out if you have reached your target audience. The app is very well organized and keeps you clearly on track. You can also check your past email promotions and match them with your current ones to update your ways to reach customers.

4. Hootesuite


If you have a fashion design brand and you need all your social media platforms organized under one app, Hootesuite is the app for you. The app has a dashboard and supports all your network activity samples from all sites, including Google Plus, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

You will be able to monitor all your stats and updates of your content using the app. You can also schedule your post or analyze your online trafficking, handle emails, etc.

The app makes it easy for you to focus on other business promotional activities and leave the promotion on social media to it.

5. Google Ads


If you need traffic for your content, Google ads are the best option for you. It is an online platform for advertising your fashion design brand where you can have service offerings, video content, and so on.

One of the best features of Google Ads is the ability to organize pay-per-click advertising in areas where user interaction is more likely. Google Ads help you gather a wide range of audiences, which you will set as target audiences. Your fashion brand will be promoted to people who are interested in such products.

7 Apps For Fashion Designing

There are tons of apps for fashion design sketching that will allow you to create or modify attire or sketch art for your fashion clothing line. There are many apps out there to help you develop, design, create, produce, and market fashion products that will aid in the success of your clothing brand.

Here are some examples of what you can use if you are someone who runs a fashion design brand.

1. Moodboard


Moodboard is a free app that helps fashion designers create amazing videos and photo collages. You can also add text for styling. Edit the photos further with in-built tools and filters to make your clothing products look much more beautiful. Moodboard will match your overall business look and make your products much more aesthetically pleasing.

2. Vogue Runway


This is another free fashion app for all fashion designers and fashionistas. You can get all the exclusive and unlimited access to runway shows from Vogue.  

You will be able to explore all the latest trends and be up to date with fashion. There are over 100 seasons and 12k+ collections for you to choose from.

3. Pinterest


This is the most widely used app for all kinds of fashion and interests. This app is an image-sharing-based service that helps you discover, share and save magnificent fashion wardrobe ideas.

Not only that, you will be provided with more options to look through based on your fashion choices and topics. You will be able to explore all the latest trends and style inspiration through images, animated GIFs, and videos.

This is the most important fashion-design app that you need to have, where you can pinboard, save ideas, and build your brand.

4. Mint


If you are the owner of a clothing brand, you need to keep your finances on track. This is where mint comes in handy for you and your business. Mint was developed as an expense and budget tracking app that helps every entrepreneur and fashion designer manage all their finances.

You will be able to reach all your financial goals using Mint. You’ll be able to easily track your budgets, expenses, and transactions as well. You will have all your credit cards, loans, and investments in one place, safely stored.

5. Higg


Higg is a fashion designing app that helps you with a suite of tools that brings value chain sustainability. The app is completely free to use and provides fashion designers and artists with facilities for all size measurements, branding, and retailing.

You will be able to easily store all of your clothing measurements and the contact details of your retailer in this app, that too for free!

6. Canva


One of the leading apps out there that every fashion designer is aware of is Canva. Canva is free to use and helps you create designs, graphics, posters, and other visual content. This platform can be used to keep all your work organized and store all your designs.

There are many tools for you to use that you can get from Canva Pro that help you modify your visual content. You can create your image or browse through the thousands of professional templates that are already available on the app.

You can download schedules and print your work as you wish in high-quality. If you are looking to make custom clothing from your designs, read the complete guide to custom clothing to find out more.

7. Sketchbook


Sketchbook is a very useful app that is designed for clothing and fashion. With the help of a sketchbook, you can easily draw sketches and turn them into fully finished artwork. The artworks are also easily customizable.

There are many tools to design, draw, and paint all your creations in the sketchbook. The interface is also user-friendly, which helps you express your drawings and concepts on the sketching drafts. Using Sketchbook, you can easily design all of your fashion clothing and attire.

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In this era of technology, using fashion designing apps to come up with unique designs and content promotion can help you reach at the top of your game. With the help of these apps, you can also sell and buy new clothes from the comfort of your home!

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