Bulk Clothing Production-Complete 9 Steps

01 Fabric Sourcing

We have a professional sourcing team to source high-quality custom fabrics for your fashion collections. 

02 Pre-shrinkage

Pre-shrinkage on fabrics can reduce the shrinkage rate of the final clothes and meet the quality requirements. 

Clothing Fabrics Go Through Pre Shrinkage Machine To Reduce Shrinkage Rate On Final Custom Clothing

03 Fabric Cutting

Cutting means cutting out garment from lays of the fabric with a marker. It’s an essential production process.

Fabrics Are Being Well Stacked, Waiting For Cutting Into Proper Sizes for Custom Made Clothing

04 Printing

One printing method may be only suitable for certain fabrics. We explain the differences. 

Screen Printing Machines Proceeding Wonderful Graphic For the Custom Apparel

05 Double Stitching

To ensure the garment is stronger and more durable, we use double stitching. 

Skillful Sewing Worker Proceeding Double Stitching On Custom Hoodies To Meet Quality Requirements

06 Apparel Accessories

 We add some apparel accessories which are the second most important material after fabric. 

Apparel Accessories Including Buttons

07 Quality Control

We conduct on-site tests including 6 factors during garment inspection: longevity, resistance, dye, drape, comfort, and style.

Professional Quality Control Team Conducting Quality Checks And Measurements On Clothing Samples

08 Packaging

Custom garment packaging bags are available. Materials can be clear plastic, colorful paper, and carton boxes. 

Custom T Shirts, Hoodies Being Packed Into Clear Plastic Garment Bags

09 Shipping

Shipping services include air freight, sea freight, express, dropshipping.  Visit our shipping page to learn more.

DHL Shipping Company Offering Air Freight, Express Freight for Custom Clothing Orders
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*Please note that our minimum order quantity is 100 pieces per design and color.

*We are not able to take on projects that do not meet our minimum order requirements.

How can MGOO guarantee clothes manufacturing?

  • Our top priority: higher customer satisfication
  • Skillful workers  strictly follow global SOPs
  • Strategic management of factory and equipment
  • Effective quality control throughout the production

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