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Finding the perfect manufacturer for your fashion wholesale clothing is hard nut to crack. The fashion industry has become fiercely competitive, and it has almost become impossible to break into the industry. The new fashion brands are not showing reasonable care while speaking to dropship clothing suppliers. You can neither select the suitable manufacturer through a single-step process nor a phone call. When building a unique clothing brand identity in the frenzied fashion market, the appropriate clothing manufacturer with an efficient production process always comes first.

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Before conducting numerous in-person visits, I recommend speaking via phone calls and asking relevant questions to as many manufacturers as possible. Getting your first response can be challenging if you don’t ask the right questions. Following are the top ten questions that you should keep in your mind while speaking to a manufacturer.

1. Are you a custom clothing manufacturer or a fashion wholesale dealer?

You must ask all questions up front to develop a clear understanding of the manufacturer’s services. Asking this question will give you an idea if they will provide services for custom clothing manufacturing that can exactly match your brand identity. It is imperative to know if they will deal with fashion wholesale or private label clothes. It will enable you to analyze if they can manage a wide range of clientele in the cloth manufacturing industry.

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If a manufacturer doesn’t have expertise in the type of clothing your brand makes, the deal won’t benefit your brand. At MGOO Fashion, we are a custom clothing manufacturer that has helped 4000+ brands to thrive in the fiercely competitive fashion market. We deliver a one-stop solution for fashion brands to develop their aesthetically appealing clothing line without wasting resources on finding an intermediary.

2. What is the factory production, and what are the typical delivery timelines?

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Before signing a contract, you must ask what they manufacture or sell specifically because some manufacturers are experts at producing handbags, accessories, footwear, sportswear, or sleepwear. Some will be targeting kidswear, womenswear, or menswear, while some will be producing a meager quality of everything, you name it. Asking for their specialty or factory production will assist you in making your decision about whether or not their experience matches your needs.
Further, every business has different delivery timelines that give you a clear insight into working with them. Make sure your timeline is reasonable and realistic to avoid encountering a problematic situation.

3. What will you do if any of the items in my order are damaged?

Checking your damaged or defective products must be at the top of your list. Loading defective products into your store can harm the credibility of your fashion brand. Thus, beware of damaged products. Generally, manufacturers either regulate some general guidelines for damaged products or have onsite staff to check the product quality.

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MGOO Fashion is highly conscious about the quality of its products and has outlined comprehensive criteria for quality checks. We make sure that the manufactured products meet the standard requirements defined by our clients. We also deliver quality control reports daily to exceed our customers’ expectations.

4. What is your weekly or monthly production capacity, and how many machines are employed?

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The production capacity of every business varies. When you start your new fashion brand, you might have fixed orders and limited needs to satisfy. However, when your brand prospers and has a wide range of clientele, you will need to expand your production capacity to meet demands. A good designer always thinks ahead to anticipate the growing needs.
Ensure the manufacturer has a large production capacity if your order scale-up from 500 to 5000 pieces. It is imperative to know the manufacturing factory has updated machinery and technology that your brand needs. Be sure to ask about their production capacity and the equipment they use.

5. How big must my order be to qualify?

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) must be discussed to see if the manufacturer is willing to produce a specified quantity before contracting for mass production. Most manufacturers have a minimum order quantity, but make sure it fits your needs. If your order is not big enough, there is no point in working with a company that doesn’t qualify for an order of fewer than 1500 pieces.
When you want to put your brand into private-label clothes, you might need to execute a short order of 50 to 100 pieces to analyze the selling capacity. Double-check the MOQ requirement before proceeding because you would not like to fill your valuable place with an unsellable inventory. At MGOO Fashion, we help brands with small orders at low MOQ and guaranteed production.

6. How much do they charge for prototyping and sampling?

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Having samples of finished products is essential, as they can help you visualize the end product. Most samples cost twice as much as the actual product in mass production. Most manufacturers charge a premium for the time spent on making a sample.
Prototyping and sampling can be costly as they can save you from suffering losses in the future. Before you start mass production of fashion wholesale clothing, you should ask 2 to 3 manufacturers to send you samples so you can choose the most suitable one.

7. Is there a payment policy? What method of payment is accepted?

Every business has specific conditions and methods of accepting payments. Some manufacturers may require half initial payment, some might like to be paid fully upfront, and some may require to receive payment before shipment. However, I’m sure they will want to get paid within a stipulated time frame because the business works on cash.
Please get familiar with their payment policy to prevent future problems. Also, make sure your expectations are met before initiating the payment.

8. How can private label clothes add value to your clothing brand?

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Adding value to your clothing brand should be one of your concerns. Private label clothes are the only way to grow your business without being worried about the designs and styling of your clothes. Ask the manufacturer how they can add value to your brand to make it stand out. How will they manage the production and supervise the designs of apparel? With their private label clothing services, you can meet the needs and requirements of your customers.
MGOO Fashion solves all of your concerns regarding private labeling as it has skilled workers with over three years of experience. Our designers are capable enough as they have developed more than 3000 custom clothing designs. We cut down your design costs by delivering exceptionally styled clothing.

9. How to find dropship clothing suppliers in china?

Finding dropship clothing suppliers can be a mind-numbing task. However, 70% of clothing manufacturing can be found in the different regions of China, such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangxi. Further, you can discover the most reliable manufacturer on online platforms like Alibaba. Trade shows can also be the preferred option for finding a suitable manufacturer.

10. What is your shipment process?

When you source private label clothes, you must factor in the cost involved in the shipment process. In most cases, manufacturing companies partner with shipping companies like FEDEX to outsource the shipment services. You need to understand the manufacturer’s shipment process and whether you will need to act attentively when the final shipment of your product is organized.


It is imperative to select the appropriate clothing manufacturer to build a competitive fashion brand. It is the crucial decision that will define your business destiny so take your time for proper research to identify a clothing manufacturer that suits your brand needs. By spending more time now, you can avoid future disappointments and problems that can be more difficult to overcome.

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