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clothing embroidery

Flat embroidery is the most common type of embroidery among many embroidery methods and is the basis for all complex stitches. Almost all kinds of threads and materials can be made into flat embroidery. And it can be divided into jump stitch, walking/running stitch, and tatami stitch.

flat embroidery on fabric

Jump stitch is mainly used for simple fonts and patterns such as logos; walking stitch is used for small text and patterns; tatami stitch is mainly used for larger and more detailed patterns. Flat embroidery may seem simple. However, it can achieve the most varied effects by changing stitches, color designs, contrasting different textures and embroidery threads, and matching with other embroidery methods.

3D embroidery is a three-dimensional design made by wrapping EVA into threads. Solid three-dimensional embroidery is an embroidery technique with padding material to create a three-dimensional effect. It is usually used on hats and sports shoes. A mixture of flat and 3D embroidery on garments can create a strong visual effect.

3D embroidery on hats

Flat embroidery is common for clothes. It’s delicated and suitable for expressing almost all types of patterns, and it is more comfortable to wear. 3D embroidery is common for hats. 3D embroidery can reflect the amount and three-dimensional feeling that cannot be reflected by threads, making the embroidery pattern and garments more three-dimensional.

It can highlight the depth and luster of the colors. Even it is used for hats or garments with narrow range, it can still present large patterns. If you want to directly talk with our experts for more. You can request a quote or visit our printing page now.

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