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Innovation should not only be limited to the design of clothing, of course, the design of the packaging box is also very important. Most designers don’t pay attention to clothing packaging, but a good clothing box can be a great strategy to differentiate your products from your competitors. These t-shirt packaging examples demonstrate the variety of materials designers can use to take apparel packaging to a whole new level.

  1. Good-looking packaging,
    It has spread attributes: packaging ideas with great visual impact, in terms of color matching, can always give people a refreshing feeling, and they would like to share.
    Such as:
    ①Cylinder box not only looks cool, but also ensures that your t-shirt will not wrinkle
    ②Colorful Plastic bag with brand name will attract people attention
  2. Public welfare packaging,
    This kinds of package can realize value transformation: Brands will choose a unique packaging model. They will integrate information such as people’s livelihood hotspots into product packaging, which is ingenious and socially meaningful.
    Such as:
    ①Carton packaging, which can be printed with information such as people’s livelihood hotspots that the public pays attention to

3, practical packaging,
One thing has multiple uses: In order to prolong the vitality of brand marketing, some brands have incorporated practical functions into their packaging design. Before the product is sold, the packaging maintains its basic function,
Such as:
①Everyone likes beautiful and practical things, such as a box from HangerPak, which is a paper hanger.
②Plastic bag with hanger

4.Communicated packaging,
Dialogue with users: The content on the packaging is also one of the ways of brand marketing. In addition to conveying effective information and imaginative creativity in the bottle, it also carries the function of brand communication with users.

5.Environmentally friendly packaging,
Used canvas fabric to make T-shirt packaging bags, which can be recycled. Recyclability is a hot selling point recently.

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