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T Shirt Displays


T shirts are an evergreen trend in the clothing industry. They are the perfect vehicle for brands to showcase their designs and make a quick low-cost sale. T shirt displays allow you to quickly draw attention to your apparel, making it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for while browsing your store.

Shirts come in many varieties and different colors. To showcase these shirts wonderfully, a clothing retailer needs to come up with some creative t shirt display ideas. Good display ideas can also attract more customers. There are a few different display ideas that can be used to impress customers with the merchandise. Let’s check the 8 best ideas one by one.

#1 Hanging T Shirt Display

T shirt Display Rack

The display of clothes in a store is imperative for the success of the store. This can be achieved by using various designs of clothes hangers racks and displays to attract customers to buy them. Hanging clothing displays are great because they free up floor space and they also make things look more organized and neat. Plus, they help you save money by giving you an easier way to store your clothing so that it doesn’t get wrinkled or faded, or torn.

Like any other retail store you need to know what type of customers you want to attract and how much space you have in the store. There are different types of display racks: modular, freestanding, pedestal, and slatwall. You should choose one that best suits your needs. All these types are available in different heights so make sure to pick one that is appropriate for your store.

#2 Mannequins To Pair Tees with Shorts, Skirts

A new trend in retail displays is dressing mannequins. This is a way for brands to show how the clothes look when worn. It also makes it easier for shoppers to find the right outfit based on the display. And there are different types of mannequins. For example, a headless mannequin. They can also work well to show how particular clothes would look like when worn.

T shirt mannequins

What’s more, pairing the mannequins with shorts or pants will make them look more human, and will also help customers to shop for the right clothes. The key is to change it regularly so that you can see which one is more attractive.

#3 T Shirt Display Frame

Shirt Display Frame

A t-shirt display frame is a simple way to keep your shirts organized and on show for customers to explore. They are usually made of lightweight, durable materials that won’t damage the clothes too much. This can be helpful for shops with limited space for clothes or when there are displays that need to be changed regularly.

What’s more, t-shirt display frame is a portable and cost-effective because it can set up in minutes, take less space than a traditional clothing display, and can certainly attract the attention of customers! In conclusion, T shirt display frames have plenty of benefits as well as being competitively.

#4 Wall Displays

wall display of t shirts

Wall displays are the perfect solution for small retailers, pop-up stores and fashion designers who want to promote their t-shirts. They may come with special features such as lighting or heating. And a banner or poster on the back can provide enough advertising but remember to keep it sample and suitable for your brand. To some extent, wall display can create more marketing impact on your customers.

#5 Fold and Stack

Fold and Stack display for t shirts

Fold and stack is a strategy when displaying your t-shirts in such a way that they maximize their space while still showcasing the shirt designs in the best light possible. They have become increasingly popular with clothing retailers because they allow customers to see more t-shirt designs and compare them quickly.

#6 Packages or Containers

T shirt rolls for sale

Packages or containers are a great solution for the retail industry. They provide a stable and safe arrangement of products on shelves and they allow accurate inventory management as well.

Wrapping your clothes in packages or containers also helps to show off your items, retail merchandise, and clothing in an attractive way. From the moment when a customer first lays eyes on their product, it is the packaging that often determines whether or not the customer will make a purchase.

Creative packaging, t shirts packed in jars

#7 Fashion Window Display

Fashion window display for t shirts

Displaying clothes in a window is very important for the success of any clothing retail store.

First of all, it is important to choose the right window location. It should be outside and visible from the street. The spot should be free from obstacles and easy to access with a step ladder. The positioning will depend on your store’s layout plan and design, but choosing an open and high-traffic spot is always a good idea for attracting clients.

Secondly, you can place them on shelves or hang them up, or dress them on mannequins. The key is to well express your brand vision and your t shirts style.

#8 Ladder T Shirt Display

ladder t shirt display

A ladder or shelving unit is a must for any retail store that sells clothing, and with this free-standing display for shirts you don’t have to worry about where to put your clothes. Customers can see what’s new from the front of your store because this stand hangs in the entrance. If you have an open plan space, this display removes clutter on the floor by placing clothes on view so your customers can find what they’re looking for!

The Dos and Don’ts of Putting Together A High-Performance T Shirt Display

Retail displays are one of the most important marketing tools for companies to present their products, and many different companies have made their own. We compiled a list of dos and don’ts for putting together high-performance t shirt displays.

Do provide a clear view of the product: People want to see what they’re buying! You can do this by designing a window that you can use to highlight the design or just using a mirror behind your products.

Don’t display too many shirts: Customers will get overwhelmed and won’t know which shirt they want. You should only show three or four shirts per style at max.

Don’t put them on tables or hang them on rails; it just looks messy and doesn’t give off the sense of luxury or high quality products.

Do make sure that you have enough space for people to walk around comfortably and for people coming into different clothing sections.

Applying different types of T-shirt displays in your store

If you are a retailer and you want to differentiate your products from other stores in the neighborhood, then you need to change your store displays. You should also consider different types of displays and techniques. You could go for a traditional t-shirt rack, a wall display that hangs on the wall, or an inverted hanging rack or a rotating display to get more customers attracted to your products.

T-shirt displays are an attractive and useful way of showcasing your shirts in a retail store. Every type of display has its own purpose and can be used in different ways. It is important to understand the right kind of t-shirt displays that would complement your store environment and showcase the shirts to their best advantage.

These are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing from different types of T-shirt displays:

  • Weight distribution – The display should be light enough so that it can be moved around with ease.
  • Design – Simple designs go well with more complex ones and vice versa.
  • Type – You should choose the one which would be best for your store space constraints as well as choose a design which compliments your store design aesthetics.

There are many benefits to using different t shirt displays. The choice of display should depend on the retail environment and type of t shirts to be sold. For example, it may be better to have a ladder display if your t shirts are with simple embroidery. And it may be better to have an plus size t shirt on a manuequin in one corner. For more opinions, welcome to discuss your ideas with us.

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