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A Guide To Types of Hoodies For Clothing Startups

If you are a fashion entrepreneur, you know the difficulty of launching your brand’s first hoodie collection. There are overwhelming types of hoodies, and it’s hard to decide on the right one. So, you need to be strategic and methodical about it.

Hoodies fall into different types. There are men’s and women’s hoodies. Then there are hoodies with a kangaroo or side pockets. And have you decided on the material? Also, are you creating a zip-up or pullover hoodie?

For novice startups, these might seem too much to sort through. So, we have created this guide to help you.

What Are The Most Popular Types Of Hoodies

There are many ways to determine the types of hoodies. For instance, how the hoodie closes, whether the hood detaches or not, does it have a string- and such. Sleeves, pockets, colour and patterns are major considerations when making or classifying hoodies.

Based On How The Hoodie Closes

For many people, this is the first thing they notice when buying a hoodie. No other factor determines the style and function of the hoodies like this one. It defines two major types of hoodies- Zip up and pullover.

Zip-up Hoodies

You can wear a zip-up hoodie like a shirt or a suit. A zipper running down the middle lets you open the hoodie when you wear it or take it off.

Zip-up Hoodies

As a result, people don’t have to disturb their hair, tie or tucked-in shirt. Plus, they can open the zipper in the middle and create a completely different look.

Zip-up hoodies can be an excellent item to launch a clothing collection. Your zip-up system should be of the highest quality. Metal and coil zippers from YKK or Riri can be a good choice.

Pullover Hoodies

These are the hoodies you wear like a T-shirt. Since they don’t open up, you must put them on or pull them over. The hood fits snugly and, therefore, is ideal for running and lifting.

Pullover Hoodies

Pullover hoodies can be good if your brand wants to sell to an athletic crowd. Most bodybuilders and fitness models working out in hoodies on the Tiktoks are usually wearing this one. Therefore, the followers are craving this hoodie right now.

Types Of Hoodies According To the Hood

The hood is, of course, the most important part of a Hoodie. Your hood can be detached, fixed or come with a drawstring.

Fixed Hood

A Fixed hood is continuous with the rest of the garment. They create a simple and clean look.

Fixed Hood

Plus, they are easy to maintain and wear. The wearer doesn’t have to worry about losing the string or misplacing the entire hoodie during a laundry session.

Drawstring Hood

The original purpose of hoodies was to protect you from the cold and to conceal your identity. The drawstring hood does both perfectly.

Drawstring Hood

A drawstring or cord runs along the hood’s edge. The wearer can pull it to tighten or loosen the hood around their head. This provides excellent protection during cold wind and rain. Plus, people can hardly tell it’s you under that hoodie.

Detachable Hoods

A detachable hood is connected to the neckline via zippers or velcros.

These hoodies give the buyer the option of having a two-in-one garment. When the hood’s on, they are sporting a hoodie. Or, they can detach the hood and wear it like a suit.

Detachable Hoods

As with zip-ups, you must be mindful of the zippers or attachment system when creating detachable hoodies. You can also create a hoodie that offers various hoods for each day of the week.

Material For Types Of Hoodies

The hoodies’ feel, comfort and look depend mostly on the material they are made of. The material also plays an important role in the price at which you can sell the item.

You have to choose the best yet affordable material to create a hoodie that trends. Let’s learn about some of the common materials.

Polyester Hoodies: If you want to produce cheap hoodies, then polyester is the best option. You can sell polyester hoodies as cheap as 10$. Plus, they feel light and wick moisture. Therefore, they make good sports hoodies.

Cotton Hoodies: This is the best material for mid-range hoodies. Cotton hoodies are more comfortable than polyester ones as they are made of more breathable material. It also permits many dyeing, printing and other design practices. All clothing entrepreneurs need to understand the difference between cotton and polyester.

Fleece Hoodies: The material is synthetic and mimics natural wool. Fleece hoodies are warm and fluffy. They have excellent heat-trapping capacities to keep the wearer warm. Brush or anti-pill your fleece hoodie before selling it to prevent shedding.

Jersey Hoodies: These are stretchy and lightweight hoodies due to being made from a knit fabric. They are not the best for freezing temperatures. But they are quite popular when the weather is a little warmer. People can easily layer these hoodies with other clothing.

Terry Hoodies: One of the most comfortable hoodies out there is the Terry Hoodies. It’s also a knit fabric and feels almost like wearing a towel. They are good for activities during which you are sweating. Terry Hoodies are a good option if you target a crowd promoting a cool, relaxed lifestyle.

Wool Hoodies: These are usually the most expensive hoodies as they are made of wool. Cashmere or alpaca wool hoodies can add a unique level of elegance to your appearance. Or, you can choose felted wool to create a more well-structured hoodie.

Types of Hoodies Based On Pockets

Pockets are one of the most important features of hoodies. The usefulness and appearance of hoodies can depend much on the pockets. Remember, pockets are not something you can just sew on once you finish making the hoodie. Instead, you should plan them well from the beginning of the design process.

Types of Hoodies Based On Pockets

Kangaroo Pocket: These pockets are seen mostly on pullover hoodies. They are a pouch sewn on the front at waist level. These spacious pockets provide enough space to tuck your hands and save them from the cold.

Side Pockets: Zip-ups usually have side pockets. Unlike kangaroo pockets, these are not open on both ends. So, you can easily stuff them with keys and other items without worrying about them falling off.

Chest Pockets: Hoodies don’t usually have chest pockets. But the ones that rarely do makes a unique fashion statement. It adds some detail and a sophisticated look to the hoodie.

Mens Vs. Women’s Hoodies – Is There A Difference?

Men’s hoodies differ significantly from women’s hoodies these days. Clothing entrepreneurs looking to launch their first line of hoodies must consider these differences-

Mens Vs. Women’s Hoodies - Is There A Difference

Shape and Fit

You can easily tell a male hoodie from a female one by its shape. Male hoodies are usually rectangular or V-shaped. There is more emphasis on the shoulders. Usually, men’s hoodies tend to be more relaxed or loose-fitting.

In comparison, women’s hoodies tend to be an X or hourglass shaped to mimic the natural curviness of the female figure. They also tend to be more snug and fitting.

Colour Choice

Most men will prefer a black, grey, navy blue hoodie and similar colours. Usually, men’s hoodies’ colours tend to be dark or neutral. However, there are colourful hoodies for men too.

On the other hand, pink, purple and bright red are the colours most women choose when picking a hoodie. Usually, these hoodies are more vibrant and joyful in appearance.

Also, men’s hoodies usually have fewer graphics and simple printed designs. Meanwhile, women’s hoodies are rich in patterns and imagery.

Functional vs. Decorative Features

Men’s hoodies tend to have more zippers and pockets. These features make the hoodie more practically functional.

Women’s hoodies can be pretty functional too. But there is usually a greater focus on the decorative features. Examples include sequins, ruffles, embellishments and embroideries.

3 Tips For Clothing Startups Launching a Hoodie Collection

You are now equipped with the knowledge of the types of hoodies there are. What’s left to do is decide on a design process and manufacturer. Also, make sure your hoodie resonates with the brand you are trying to build.

Choose The Right Manufacturer

You can’t create a great product without the right manufacturer. A bad manufacturer can turn the best design and materials into something awful. Meanwhile, an experienced and knowledgeable manufacturer will be able to deliver the best, even with the most unimpressive designs.

Choose The Right Manufacturer

Choose a manufacturer with established checks and standards at every process step. They should offer competent, transparent pricing structures. Plus, communication should be well, and they should be open to your suggestions.

Use the web to choose your manufacturer. Google can show you the most recommended clothing manufacturers in your area. If they have a well-maintained blog and website, it clearly indicates that this manufacturer knows what they are doing. The website can also showcase their past works.

Use Technology For The Design Process

Technology can make the designing process of your hoodie more affordable, fast and fun. Various online apps, mockup generators and graphic tools can help you come up with a unique hoody design within minutes.

Use Technology For The Design Process

Graphic designing tools like Canva and Fotor offer a range of templates, fonts and images relevant to hoodie design. You can experiment with them to create your own design. Or, you can upload the image of a hoodie and tell them to create a similar but unique design.

You can also use hoodie mockup generators like Renderforest, Placeit, and Smartmockups to create your hoodie. There are thousands of hoodie templates on these sites to choose from.

Consider Your Target Audience

Think about the area, culture and people who will buy the hoodies when creating them. For instance, if the area you are selling in is cold, you must create a thick heavyweight hoody. Meanwhile, stylish hoodies for warm tropical areas are made from lightweight, thin fabric.

Consider Your Target Audience

Formal hoodies are great if your primary buyers are professionals like lawyers or bankers. On the other hand, focus on casual hoodies if you target teenagers or young adults.

Create Your Brand’s First Hoodie With MGOO Fashion

A good manufacturing partner can streamline creating your brand’s first hoodie. Meanwhile, if you don’t need a competent manufacturer, the workload associated with launching the product can easily overwhelm you. MGOO fashion has helped countless brands and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. And we can do the same for you.

Save Time on Designing

Designing your Hoodies is often the trickiest part. They are so many hoodies selling on the market. How can you make yours memorable? MGOO’s huge library with over ten thousand ready designs can help you with that.

Save Time on Designing

You can choose a design from our library and personalise it with your own logo and graphics. Complete beginners can take our Design Assistance. Here, our experts will help you choose everything from design, fabrics and also types of hoodies.

Know What You Are Getting

Most manufacturers don’t offer a step between design confirmation and bulk production. As a result, you have nothing to do if you don’t like it when the final product reaches your hands.

MGOO solves the problem by offering an extra step before going to bulk production. We will send you a sample of your hoodie five to ten days after you confirm the design. If you are okay with the product, we will mass-produce it.

Quality Control and Shipping

MGOO has a long experience in manufacturing hoodies and other items for clothing brands. We have the proper production capabilities and quality control protocols to deliver the most flawless product in the least possible time.

Quality Control and Shipping

We can also offer more than one shipping option. So, you can choose the one that fits your time and quantity requirements. For instance, courier shipping is the fastest and takes only three to five days. Meanwhile, sea shipping is the longest and might take up to forty days.

Marketing Assistance

You need proper photographs to promote the product. Since we have been working with clothing products for a long time, our experts can offer valuable suggestions on which photos will work best for your hoodie.

We are providing photography services at affordable rates. For instance, simple product photos will cost you 30$. If you use a model, the price goes up to 60$. Or, you do a complete scene photography at 80$.


When you decide on the types of hoodies for your brand’s collection, prioritise your target audience and area. Our experts at MGOO can help you with that. Also, you will save a ton of money since you are getting designing, sampling, producing, shipping and photography in one single package. So, get in touch with us today.

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