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baby clothes fabrics

First, pure cotton fabric

Cotton fabrics are most suitable for babies. Pure cotton fabric is soft, breathable, hygroscopic, moisturizing, heat resistant and hygienic. Although hemp, silk and other natural materials are also good, but the baby is more active, so American mothers will prefer pure cotton fabric, because pure cotton fabric is more wear-resistant.

Second, bamboo fabric

Bamboo fiber fabric is the cellulose fiber extracted from the natural growth of bamboo. Bamboo fiber is breathable, instant water absorption, strong wear resistance and good dyeing properties. It has the functions of natural antibacterial, antibacterial, mite removal, deodorant and ultraviolet resistance. However, many American mothers like to choose the blend of bamboo fiber and cotton when choosing bamboo fiber fabric for their babies, because if it is simply bamboo fiber composition, the fabric will not be soft enough, which is not very good for the baby’s skin.

Third, organic cotton fabric

Organic cotton fabric is made of pure natural cotton without pollution. With ecological, green, environmental characteristics, which is the American mother’s favorite. Organic cotton also has unique antibacterial, deodorant properties, ring allergy symptoms, more conducive to the care of children’s skin care. when baby wear in summer, they will feel very cool and comfortable, when they wear in winter, they can eliminate excess heat inside body and moisture again.

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