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Although most people think taking delicates like silk to the dry cleaners is the right thing, taking care of sensuous custom clothing like cashmere or silk at home is the best option. We are MGOO Fashion Apparel Co., Ltd, a clothing manufacturer based in China, today we give the best tips on how you can take care of silk at home. Whether washing silk by hand or machine, you should keep a few things in mind.

All kinds of silk fabrics

How to wash silk garments

Silk dresses

The silk fabric and garment determine whether you wash the garment with water or not. Therefore, check the fabric care label to determine the way forward. The fabric label explains a lot about the garment, including how you wash it. If the label advises you to ‘dry clean’ the garment, take it to a reputable dry cleaner instead of doing it yourself (DIY). However, if you choose to wash your custom pajamas at home, do it gently to avoid damaging the silk fabric. If the fabric label says ‘dry cleaner only, you should take the garment to a professional instead of doing it yourself. 
If you have a simple top or dress, you can hand wash it using a free enzyme detergent. But, using a modern washing machine is better than handwashing. After washing, ensure you hang the garment using a hanger to avoid wrinkling or shrinking. If you own silk garments of different colors, always separate the colors and use a laundry bag. 

Silk garments washing

When it comes to hand washing, you need to be careful. Avoid rubbing on stains and twisting women’s sleepwear to remove excess water! If the garment has stains, you can add a few vinegar drops (in both hand and machine washing). The wet garment should be folded and gently blotted on a white cotton towel to remove excess water. Avoid hanging silk garments in the sun because the sun accelerates fading. 

Ironing silk

Ironing silk womens t shirt

Ironing silk is not wrong, but you should be cautious. Always iron silk garments using high heat and steam. However, it would help to place a cotton towel between the iron box and the silk garment. If you prefer ironing silk garments directly, use low heat and check the fabric care label to do it right.

Steaming silk

Steaming a blue silk womens blouse

A steamer is recommended to remove creases and get a smooth surface. Steaming silk custom pajamas is straightforward and fast. Always steam the garment while hanging on a hanger. The right way to steam a silk garment is by pulling the garment slightly and steaming until you achieve a smooth surface. It is okay to steam the inside and outside of the garment, depending on your preference. 
To avoid ironing your silk garment, consider hanging it. Since silk creases, it is best to avoid folding or leaving it bunched for long periods. However, if you plan on storing your silk garment for long periods, always store it in a breathable fabric bag. Avoid plastic bags because they lock in moisture, especially in hot months. 
Finally, clothing manufacturers recommend checking for colorfastness, especially when washing silk custom clothing. To check colorfastness, dab an inconspicuous area with a damp clean cloth. If the color bleeds, you should take the silk garment to the cleaners. Typically, dark-colored, bright, and patterned silk garments should be left to the professionals because they are more likely to fade when washed at home. 

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