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RPET and polyeter

Regular polyester, also known as “Daclon” by Americans, is one of the most important synthetic fibers.

Polyester is a fiber-forming polymer obtained from PTA and MEG through reaction, and fibers are made by spinning and post-processing. It has excellent forming, high strength, and recovery ability.

Recycled PET fabric (RPET) is a new environment-friendly recycled fabric. Its yarn is extracted from bottles.

This fabric is popular in European and American countries with its waste recycling. It is widely used in various kinds of clothing. The advantage is good wrinkle resistance and shape retention.

  • Different performance

The strength of recycled polyester fibers is poor than regular polyester.

  • Different raw materials

Recycle polyester: waste bottle
Polyester: using chemical raw materials PTA and MEG to polymerize and spin into fibers.

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