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cotton pillings

Why do clothes pill? Before explore the answers, you can click to watch a video about fabric pilling.

Fabric type can be one of the reasons.

Clothes pilling is affected by the characteristics of the fabric. For example, all short fiber fabrics are more likely to cause pilling. Fine fibers are easy to pill than coarse fibers. Blended fibers are easy to pill than single fiber. For example, a garment made of chemical fiber, wool, and cotton fiber is easier than a pure wool garment.

cotton pilling grades

The manufacturing process can be the second reason.

After research and testing, we have the following conclusions.

① the tighter the knot of the fabric, the less likely to cause pilling;
② the flatter the surface of the fabric, the less likely to cause pilling;
③ the more twists of the yarn, the less likely to cause pilling, but more twists will reduce the strength.

Another reason for pilling is the way we wear clothes.

After wearing a piece of clothing for a long time, we will usually see more serious pilling in the cuffs and collar than in other parts! It indicates that parts with more friction are more likely to cause pilling.

Why do pure cotton clothes pill?

1.The twist of yarns

People will choose to reduce the twist of yarns because more twists will reduce the strength. And people want to pursue more durable wearability and higher comfort. With fewer twists, people can get a more comfortable and durable perfect experience, though it’s more likely to cause pilling.

2. Pilling treatment

pilling treatment on cotton fabric

Pure cotton doesn’t 100% pill. However, it can be divided into several grades. The best pure cotton yarns come from the longest cotton fibers. After the pilling process, a good cotton fabric surface will have a soft and comfortable fluff layer. On any fabric with fluff, fluff fibers will be tangled together after friction, forming the phenomenon of pilling.

In short, cotton clothes have pilling. Sometimes, pilling comes from the pursuit of better wear experience. While sometimes, pilling simply is caused by long-time wearing. Conversely, if you buy non-pilling cotton clothes and feel uncomfortable, your clothes might not use the best cotton and undergo a good manufacturing process.

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