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Various Combed Cotton Jersey Fabric

Introduction: What is Combed Cotton Jersey Fabric?

Combed cotton jersey fabric is a knitted fabric made up of mixed yarns. This type of fabric is classified as a plain weave, and its usage has popularized it in the production of t-shirts. Its popularity comes from its softness, stretchiness, and lightweight.

Why Combed Cotton Jersey Fabric Is Better Than Regular Cotton Jersey Fabric?
Combed cotton jersey fabric is softer and more flexible than regular cotton jersey fabric. It also has a smoother texture that is less likely to catch on to things.

Unlike other types of cotton, a combed cotton jersey does not have any fuzziness or shagginess to it. This means that when you’re working with a project that requires precision, combed cotton may be the best option for you.

Fabric Characteristics of Combed Cotton Jersey Fabric and How It’s Eco-Friendly

The fabric is 100% organic cotton, with all-natural dyes- no pesticides and insecticides.
The best thing about combed cotton jersey fabric is that it is eco-friendly and breathable. It has a fantastic drape that does not stretch too much or shrink over time, making it the perfect material for men’s polo or women’s blouses. The fibres are also gentle to the skin, and wrinkles do not form quickly on the fabric.

What are the Best Uses for Combed Cotton Jersey Fabric?

Combed cotton is a cotton fibre that has been processed and treated to remove the short fibres and leave only the longest and strongest ones. This process is what makes it soft, but also more durable.

The best use for combed cotton jersey fabric is for clothing since it’s soft, durable, breathable, and comes in many colors. It’s perfect for sweaters, T-shirts, dresses or any other clothing you can think of!

Why Combed Cotton Jersey Fabric is So Stretchy And Durable

Our Combed Cotton Jersey Fabric is 100% combed cotton with the perfect balance of stretch and durability.
Combed cotton jersey is a durable yet soft material that stretches in all directions. It features a smooth surface, handles repeated washing, and can be dyed to any colour. This makes it a favorite fabric for many designers because it’s versatile and easy to work with.

It’s durable because combing the cotton fibres straightens them out, increasing their strength and reducing the amount of friction between them. The cotton fibres are also very tightly woven together, making them less likely to come undone or fray over time.

Possible Drawbacks of Using Combed Cotton Jersey Fabric


  • It runs efficiently and quickly.
  • It is not sturdy enough for garments that need much structure.
  • The stitching on it is not particularly strong, so that it can tear easily.


  • It is soft and has a nice drape.
  • It costs less than other fabrics, which appeals to those who are on a budget.

How to Care for Combed Cotton Jersey Fabric, So It Lasts Longer?

We’ve talked about how to take care of all the various types of cotton fabrics, but what about combed cotton jersey? It’s a bit different from other fabrics because it is prone to pilling. First, let’s talk about how this fabric is made.

Combed cotton jersey is a type of knit fabric made with very tight yarn strands that give it a smooth texture. It’s typically used for more low-end clothing because the fabric has a slight stretch and doesn’t hold up well over time.

The best way to care for your complex jacket is by washing it according to its label instructions. Lay the jacket out flat on your washer before washing so that it will be ready to go when you’re done, and tumble dry on low heat

1) Wash your jacket using cold water and a mild detergent.
2) Avoid the use of bleach or fabric softeners.
3) Dry your jacket in a shaded area to avoid fading.
4) Hang up the jacket – do not put it on a hanger with wire coat hangers.


We have just seen that combed cotton jersey fabric is a durable and affordable fabric. It can be used to make various items, from bedding and clothing to home furnishings. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for anyone searching for a new option for their next project. Cotton jersey fabric is popular in the fashion industry because it is versatile and durable. It can be used to make anything from clothing to curtains and will last for years with proper care.

The conclusion is to use combed cotton jersey fabric in your company’s clothing line. It’s easy to screen print names and logos on this fabric, making it ideal for companies who want uniforms or branded shirts without paying extra.

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