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Hottest Trends of Summer Swimwear for Men

Introduction: Why it is Important to invest in Men’s Swimwear for this season?

Men’s swimsuits are not just a type of cloth covering your private parts. They are a fashion statement. The popularity of men’s swimwear has been rising for a while now. More and more men worldwide prefer wearing swimwear to display their charms.

You might have seen some male models on the catwalk or some runways during fashion week, for example, wearing only a pair of shorts or a t-shirt with nothing else. Investing in swimwear is not just about getting a well-fitting, comfortable and stylish swimsuit for the summer. It is also about getting a piece that will help you stand out from the crowd and feel confident.

There are several trends to watch out for this season regarding men’s swimwear. You can make a statement when you hit the beach with so many variations. If you consider investing in men’s swimwear for your clothing line, this article will give you points on what to invest in.

The New Male Swimwear Trends that Are Leaving Behind Traditional Styles

Men have always been much more reluctant than women to wear traditional swimwear. The classic swimsuit is no longer a fashion trend for men. Men are taking a step away from the bulky old-school style that was popular in the past. Men are now more into fashion and more open to wearing clothing that is not just about being overtly masculine.

With the number of lifestyles and fashion bloggers increasing, they have shown how men can be not only comfortable with their bodies but also feel good about themselves while at the beach or even just walking down the street. And male bathing suit designers are trying to break away from tradition and give men something new to wear on the beach. They often want something a little edgier but still comfortable enough for a man’s lifestyle.

Six new trends are getting attention with the help of designers and bloggers who are pushing the boundaries of masculinity to make men feel more empowered.

1.Tuxedo style swimshorts

Tuxedo swim shorts

The new male swimwear trend is here, and it’s coming with a surprise. Tuxedo swimshorts are the latest fashion trend in men’s swimwear. It is not a secret that many men enjoy the feeling of wearing a tuxedo. It makes them feel classy, intelligent, and confident. They associate it with special occasions such as matinées or significant events at work or in personal lives. Now, they can wear this outfit anytime they want, albeit on the water – which is more acceptable than on land.

2.Camouflage swimshorts

Camouflage swim shorts

One of the latest trends in swimwear is a camo look, which is perfect for those who love to spend time on the water. This product has a camouflage print that makes it different from other swimming trunks. The camo print is made with dark brown and green colors to make it look like you are camping in the woods. The shorts are made out of polyester and spandex, which means they will be comfortable and stretchy, so you can enjoy being active in them.

3.White stripe swimshorts

White stripe swim shorts

White stripe swim shorts are a type of swimwear with a white stripe design all over the shorts. White stripe swim shorts have a strong following among fitness and water sports enthusiasts. They are also called bathing shorts and come in many designs and colors, such as striped or all white. The modern-day, they have evolved from the old-fashioned long-legged bathing suit. They can be found in various styles, lengths, and designs which depend on the brand or retailer.

4.Floral board shorts

Floral board shorts

Floral board shorts are simply a type of swimwear characterized by having an all-over floral print. They may also be called our floral pattern shorts. They are trendy among beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts who want to playfully show their sense of style. They are usually 7 inches above the knee with drawstrings, elastic waistbands, or even elasticized waists. This swimwear can be found in various colors and prints, like checkered patterns or dotted designs.

5.Recycled swimwear

Swimwear made of recycled fabric

Many materials get wasted every day, and recycled swimwear works to keep that from happening. Recycled swimwear is the newest trend in fashion, which makes a fashion statement with sustainability. Recycled means clothing suppliers using recycled materials, mainly plastic bottles, to make swimwear. The production process is also typically eco-friendly as it does not require much energy or water. In this day and age, people are more aware of their footprint on the environment.

6.Mens swim briefs

Mens swim briefs

A swim brief is the shorter and more revealing version of a men’s swimsuit. It is designed to reveal the legs and hips and usually has stretchy fabric that clings to the body. Men’s swim briefs are becoming more popular as they offer an attractive alternative to regular board shorts. They are usually made of nylon or lycra, durable, quick-dry materials. They come in various styles and designs, some with the waistband over the buttocks or lower back.

Five Amazing Brands that are Making Must-have Men’s Swimsuits this Summer

Frescobol Carioca

Mens swimwear from Frescobol Carioca

Frescobol Carioca is a Brazilian swimwear brand. The name of the brand is inspired by the sport of Folicobol, which is a game popular in Brazil. Frescobol Carioca started small and has become one of Brazil’s leading swimwear brands.

The company was founded by two women who were passionate about fashion, and they were also looking to make swimming more accessible to people. The founders wanted people to feel good about themselves while they were swimming. Frescobol Carioca strives for this goal by partnering with fashion designers interested in making styles that are not “super trendy” but instead focus on what will last “under constant use.”

Mr Marvis

Mens swimwear from Mr Marvis

Mr Marvis is a British swimwear company founded in 2008 by Adam Scovell and Clare Potter. The two were inspired by the laid-back lifestyle of the Mediterranean and lived abroad for many years before returning to London. They wanted to create a brand with a design sensibility influenced by their travels but with a modern British aesthetic. And they wanted to put quality first and foremost to create beautiful, comfortable, stylish and practical pieces of swimwear that would last for years.

The company has grown from just three models (in 2008) to over 30 different styles available in sizes XS to XXL for men and women across five collections made from exclusive fabrics in four different colors.

Orlebar Brown

Mens swimwear from Orlebar Brown

Orlebar Brown is a British swimwear brand specializing in men’s clothing. Ian Orlebar founded it in 1977 in London. Orlebar Brown has been called “the most sought-after swimwear label” by publications such as Forbes and Vogue U.K., making them a well-recognized name in the industry. Their designs have been seen on celebrities and models alike, including Kate Moss, supermodel Gigi Hadid, Ellie Goulding, and Daisy Lowe.

As of now, there are three boutiques spread out around different parts of London with a growth in popularity from social media coverage.

Katama Swim

Mens swim shorts from Katama Swim

Katama Swim is an American swimwear company founded by Roderick Mann in 2009, focusing on designing and creating high-performance swimwear that is designed to be both functional and fashionable. The company’s name comes from the Hawaiian word “Kāhana” which means “to make well, to do right.” The company has about 75 million followers on Instagram and is currently valued at about 1 billion dollars.

They produce men’s, women’s and children’s swimsuits designed for all levels of activity, from water sports to lounging around on the beach. Their designs include one-pieces, tankinis, bikinis, briefs, rash guards and cover-ups.

Tom & Teddy

Mens swimwear from Tom & Teddy

Tom & Teddy was founded in 2011 by Michelle L’Huillier and her husband, Jelle de Jong, when what seemed like an innocent hunt for matching swim shorts for Father’s Day turned into an unexpected business opportunity.

“There was room in the market for an altogether more flattering and versatile swim trunk that could be worn all day long, either in or out of the water.” Michelle L’Huillier, Founder at Tom & Teddy.

Tom & Teddy’s swimwear collections are designed to flatter all body shapes. They have been created based on the Australian beach lifestyle. In matching styles for men and boys, they look to the ocean, lush foliage and brilliant sands along the Australian coastline for our design inspiration.


We live in a time where nothing is off-limits, and men are no exception. They don’t keep their style to themselves, and they try new trends just as much as women do. From the traditional to the more edgy and cool pieces, the swimwear trends for men are so exciting.

Here we have chosen to explore what some of the hottest men’s swimwear trends are by analyzing statements from fashion bloggers and designers. Meanwhile, we can see many swimwear brands are trying to capture the essence of summer with the most fantastic styles of men’s swimwear. Some of them are also creating more tailored suits, providing coverage for all body types to cater to every man, regardless of his size.

Brands are catering differently to men with different tastes and preferences. Men’s swimwear as an industry is booming, and this trend isn’t going anywhere soon! If you want to explore more swimwear fashion designs, check this page. See what a professional custom clothing supplier can do for your swimwear collection! Never hesitate to request an instant quote especially when you want to inquire swimwear made of recycled fabrics.

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