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Clothing has a huge effect on your mood and how you feel about yourself. Everyone has their favorite piece of clothing. Different people have different clothing choices. It’s often the thing that makes you feel like, “wow, I look REALLY good.” The item you can’t wait to show off. Maybe it’s your top hat, or your lab coat, or your sky blue blazer that fits perfectly. It might be something that other people would think you look special.

A fashion woman holding bags of clothes

The key is identifying the feeling clothes give us when we wear them – whether it is strong confidence, an outfit with which you are comfortable traveling while sitting in economy class for hours on end.

How do you think? After reading this article, you probably start to think about how to set up your positive wardrobe.

What is Enclothed Cognition

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Please kindly check the video here, which will give you a full explanation of the mood influence of clothes.

“Enclothed Cognition” can be defined as the social psychological phenomenon by which people feel and act differently when they are wearing different types of clothes.

Clothes affect our mood, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. When we put on clothes that make us happy, we feel happy! And vice versa for clothes that make us sad.

Clothing choices

Sooner or later in life, most of us will also discover that certain clothes affect us differently after wearing them; whether it is positive or negative is up to your clothing. Whether you can feel calm or not. It all starts by wearing more of the right clothes and less of the wrong clothes! This magic way that clothes affect our mood is just like the way how our food makes us feel.

Based on my experience, I spend most of my time in jeans and a t-shirt! They can make me feel so comfortable. I also have a story to share.

It was in the afternoon one month ago when I was walking in the street. I didn’t feel very well at first. But things changed when a little boy pointed and giggled at the printed pattern on my t-shirt. It was an embroidered image of my favorite cartoon character: Patrick.

That giggle actually made me feel better.

You see, the emotional state changed due to direct or indirect psychological processes. By the way, if you are working on custom clothing projects, don’t hesitate to contact MGOO team for a free solution, design assistance, and professional production.

I’ve sorted out 5 clothing categories below to analyze how they affect our personality science.

Clothes with different kinds of images.


Have you ever laughed out when you are seeing a funny picture online?

A study was conducted with what the researchers called “happy images”. These were images of people having fun or doing something that would make a person happy. The study found that these images lowered people’s blood pressure and decreased their stress levels. What if such images appear on your clothes? How will you feel and the people around you? A single smile can be the answer.


Audrey Hepburn is carring a African little boy.

What kind of image can be inspiring? Like an image of your favorite idol.

People idolize idols for their attractiveness, capability, intelligence. However, the last point to consider is that they are sometimes capable of impacting somebody’s life more profoundly. For example, the idols might be very humble and caring to everyone they meet. As a result, people may also become more caring themselves to everyone they meet. It is possible that seeing these images could help people combat depression, stress, or anxiety.


We are living in a world of fashion. More and more people have become fashion-conscious. Choose clothes with such images simply because they want to look stylish, stay in the competition, and adjust to society. Studies have shown that when people dress up in fashionable clothes they feel more confident and more likely they have a certain positivity.


A creative picture

Teenagers or fashion designers are likely to wear clothes with creative patterns to show out their creativity, energy, and vitality. Wearing such clothes can give others a sense of youth. Someone might be encouraged to make his creative idea. And this kind of image often has some symbolic meaning.


A timid dog is huging a bold cat.

When it comes to people’s personalities, cartoons have been found to have a direct associative influence on the viewers’ moods. The research has shown that when people wear clothes with cartoon images, they are more likely to get happiness. Cartoon images also affect our behavior positively, too.

Clothes of psychological colors.

The psychological colors are suggested by Angela Wright, a color psychologist. The colors red, blue, yellow, black, white and green tell a lot about what kind of mood we will be in after we wear them. They can cause people to feel happy or sad. Let me briefly introduce each color and its associated effect.

Various colors


Red represents physical, which is a stimulating & powerful color that gets your heart pumping and helps you more easily fit into high-stress situations. Remember not to wear red clothing when you are angry cause it will make you feel even more agitated.


Blue is considered to be the coldest color because it arouses our parasympathetic nervous system. It represents intellectual, which is a soothing color, helping calm the mind and complete administrative tasks. Besides, wearing blue clothing can give others the feeling that you don’t look for attention.


Green means balance, which is harmonizing and creates a sense of calm and reassurance. Wearing green clothing can give people a signal that you are more likely a peace-maker. Also, it will make you feel good.


According to the research, black always represents mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication. But sometimes, it can also evoke emotions such as sadness and anger. Many designers have used black in their logos for their clothing. And more people are likely to wear black.


White can symbolize various feelings ranging from innocence, cleanliness, peacefulness, to even emptiness. Be careful that in some cultures, white means life, in others it’s the color of death. And white is more welcomed by girls and women.


Yellow can produce warmth that calms us down, and it means emotional, which is energizing and lifts confidence levels for stimulating your creativity. You can wear yellow when you need to maintain mental alertness, feel happy.

Formal clothes for being professional & successful.

Formal clothes can be a suit, a doctor coat, a lab coat, etc. Take suits as an example.

A man in dark blue suits.

They are an important part of the professional world. A suit is the uniform of success. We have such an impression perhaps because only privileged citizens of society could wear suits since the early 1900s. Today, more common male and female officers wear suits, which seem to be popular fashion choices.

But the impression stays the same. By wearing a suit you are saying that you belong to successful elites in the world and you are just as professional as they are. When you stand in your office or an important meeting with suits, you are saying that you are confident and competent to deal with issues, leading the team more successful. You can act smarter.

Casual clothes for being comfortable.

As the study published, casual clothes are the most welcomed clothes category. On one hand, people prefer to wear casual clothes is because they are more mobile, comfortable, and relaxed. On the other hand, casual clothes will be accepted more than suits in some social settings. Especially nowadays, people wear casual clothes for various applications such as doing exercise, going shopping, traveling and so on.

Casual clothes do not have the function of classifying the crowd, whether poor or rich, big men or simple people. The public cannot identify you if you wear casual clothes.

Workout clothes for an active attitude.

A group of women wearing workout clothes are doing exercises.

Workout clothes can be known as sportswear. It at first refers to clothing especially for sports-related purposes such as yoga, fitness, running. However, its popularity seems to have grown significantly. To some extent, it has become a fashion-forward trend leading an active lifestyle. More and more people tend to wear them not only for athletic activities but also for leisure activities. By wearing sportswear, we are showing our engaging and energetic attitudes towards life. We can feel powerful physically. In addition, such a casual style can help relax our bodies as well as our mood.


In short, our clothes tend to affect our mood, our behavior, the way we think. Meanwhile, they have an impact upon others who can see what we wear. Getting dressed in different clothes might enable you to feel powerful or depressed, feel good or bad. Also, other people can have a feeling about what you wear. In this article, I’ve listed certain types of clothes. Generally, I more focus on the good impact. Is this helpful? Welcome to discuss your idea with me. Thank you for reading, best wishes to all.

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