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kids clothing labels

A clothing label is a kind of accessory, which includes brand information such as logo, slogan. It can be divided into 3 forms: text, graphics, or a combination of text and graphics. Moreover, it can reflect the quality of the garment.

clothing labels

For children’s clothing labels, comfort comes first. We should ensure that the clothing labels will not scratch the skin or make people uncomfortable. The second thing we should care about is a beautiful, trendy appearance.

There are normally 3 types of clothing labels.

① Woven labels.

classic woven labels with white text

The fabric is relatively not soft enough and easy to have a rough feeling. Therefore, it will make people feel uncomfortable. In addition, children’s skin is more delicate, and the lable edges can easily scratch their skin.

② Satin labels.

satin labels

The fabric is softer than woven labels and will not easily scratch the skin, but it will have an extra rough feeling when the label is larger.

③ Printed labels are the best option chosen by 90% of children’s clothing brands. It almost has no extra touch because it is printed directly on the fabric.

printed labels

Let’s move on to the position of the logo and the sewing method.

① Position: labels should be sewn on the outside of the clothing, such as the back, sleeves, side seams or front hem position, mainly to reduce the direct contact with the skin to avoid the discomfort brought by the label.

positions of clothing labels

②Sewing method: try to reduce the sewing threads because the labels will become harder after sewing. You can use the left and right side sewing or folding sewing.

different types of labels folding

In general, printed labels are the best choice. It has the advantage of better natural surface, which make people feel more comfortable.
If you want to choose other labels, you should pay attention to the external sewn position, which can reduce direct contact with the skin.
If you want to pursue a better appearance, you can use two-sided sewing or folding sewing instead of four-sided sewing.

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