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all kinds of care labels

Today, to enhance brand awareness, many custom clothing want to add their brand information to the accessories, such as custom hangtags, collar labels, flag labels, care/wash labels, size labels, etc. The brand information contains the brand name/logo, picture, fabric information, etc. The purpose is to make the brand more impressive.

All kinds of clothing labels

At the same time, many custom clothing brands will also choose different labels of various materials to achieve a different wearing experience and high quality. But many clothing brands don’t know that adding a care label on the garment outside could greatly benefit the brand. Let’s look at the reasons!

First, the care label sewn on the garment outside will allow the product logo to be seen by more potential customers and open up a larger market. More people have learned about your brand even if there aren’t many potential customers buying this time. And as long as a customer wears your clothes and shows the care label, he becomes a walking ad board for your brand.

Colorful care labels

Secondly, some slim-fit and baby clothes are strict with skin irritation from clothing ingredients. Sewing care labels on the garment outside helps your brand to pursue better wearing experience and quality. Also, it can help your brand to gain more customers who pursue high quality.

care labels on the garment outside

Thirdly, more external brand labels will indicate that the brand is better quality. Therefore, you can properly add more clothing labels of different materials to enhance your brand awareness.

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