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embroidery and printing for clothing

Embroidery and printing are two common techniques to make clothing design. In this article, we will discuss their applications, differences, and processes.

If you have a simple logo with one or two colors, you can choose either embroidery or printing. The main difference is hand feeling. You can easily feel the extra threads from embroidery while it’s hard to feel anything on a printed logo.

embroidery pattern

If your logo is about 40-50 cm with 2-4 colors, we suggest screen printing which is more economic and beautiful. In a word, printing can be almost the same as your original design. But if you want a 3D effect and real hand touch, it’s better to choose embroidery.

The process of embroidery

embroidery process

Choose perfect threads of logo colors and place them on the embroidery machine. Start the machine then it will go along with your logo design on the computer. Finally you will get artistic effects such as 3D or towel effect.

The process of screen printing

screen printing process

During screen printing, you need a screen, a squeegee, and some photo emulsion. When things are ready, you need to place your screen on your clothing, add the ink, then pull the squeegee down across your logo. Finally you will get the almost the same visual effect as your design.


Different printing methods or embroidery can achieve different effects. It depends on you specific demand. Generally, screen printing can be suitable for more designs while embroidery can help you achieve a 3D effect.

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