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How To Choose The Right Eyelet When Producing Beach Shorts Or Board Shorts

As summer approaches, beach shorts are a must-have item for many people, and one of the standard design elements of beach shorts is the eyelet. Eyelets add to the appearance of beach shorts and improve the comfort of wearing them. So, what are the options for choosing the right eyelet for your beach shorts, and how do they fit in with current fashion trends? Let’s take a look.

1. Metallic Eyelets For Beach Shorts

Metallic Eyelets 

Metallic eyelets are a popular choice for many people. They are made from materials like stainless steel or copper and have a metallic sheen on their surface. This eyelet style is simple and understated, perfect for those who prefer a more low-key look. It can also be paired with other metal accessories on the beach shorts to create a unified metallic look.

2. Printed Eyelets For Beach Shorts

Printed Eyelets

Printed eyelets are another popular style. They are made of copper or alloy metal materials, with patterns or designs printed on the surface. These patterns or designs often match the colors or prints on the beach shorts. This design can enhance the fashionable sense of the beach shorts, making the wearer more eye-catching.

3. Plastic Eyelets For Beach Shorts

Plastic Eyelets

Plastic eyelets are lighter and more comfortable than traditional metal eyelets, and plastic eyelets are more environmentally friendly. Plastic eyelets are often made from recyclable materials, reducing their environmental impact. In addition, plastic eyelets have excellent wear resistance and durability. In contrast, metal eyelets are prone to rust, deformation, and even wear and tear on the material of the pants. Plastic eyelets can withstand more extended periods of wear and tear and will not cause unnecessary damage to the beach shorts.

4. Colored Eyelets For Beach Shorts

Colored Eyelets

Colored eyelets are a more lively style. They are coated with colorful paint or sprayed with different colors on the surface. These colorful eyelets can make the beach shorts more vivid and exciting while showing off the wearer’s personality.


In summary, choosing the right eyelet for your beach shorts is essential. Different eyelet styles can bring different feelings and effects, so it’s important to consider your type and the current fashion trends when selecting. For more advice on clothing production or help with fabric selection and accessory customization, MGOO‘s professional service team is the one to call. Of course, it’s free! 

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