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t shirt print

When customizing garments, the location of printing or embroidery can be defined by the customer, but to be more beautiful, the supplier will generally give the customer the recommended sizes.

Take t shirts for example.

T shirt printing size

The following are the conventional positions.
① A logo size at the left and right front chest should be about 5-8 cm. Smaller is okay, as long as you can see.
② The pattern at the front chest can be as big as 20-30 cm.
③ The pattern on the back generally can be large or small. If it goes up, the size can be small. If you want to place it down, the size should be as large as 20-30 cm.
④ The logo size of cuffs should generally be around 5-8 cm.
⑤ Hem logo size should be 5-8 cm.
⑥ Both sides of the logo size should stay at the same level as the side seam height

Different logo sizes on t shirts

In addition to these factors, the specific size of the printing also depends on the pattern shape itself because some logos are round, and some are rectangular.
If it is round, 8 cm may be a little big when placing it on the left front chest. But if it is rectangular and filled with text, 8 cm may be small.

To sum up: logo size mainly depends on what clothes topics are. Then we can determine the location and size of the print according to the topics. If you’ve got any question about custom clothing, please directly contact us.

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