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online influencers

Nowadays, all products need good marketing including quality clothing. Compared to the traditional offline promotion, online promotion is more vital. Such as paid advertising, network promotion, social media marketing, and trading platform promotion.

Online promotion requires videos and articles in addition to pictures. While pictures often include product image, model image, and scenario images. Here we focus on the video promotion approach.

We can roughly classify fashion KOLs (Key Opinion Leader) into 4 types in terms of sales and traffic.

Traffic KOL

A traffic KOL has a good exposure rate and a poor sales amount. Some good-looking and talented fashion wearers can be the typical representatives.

Sales KOL

A sales KOL is good at selling instead of attract traffic. Typical representatives are fashion wearers who can do tutorials.


All-rounders not only can sell more goods but also can attract more traffic. Thus hiring an all-rounder is quite expensive. You can hire a proper all-rounder according to your budget.

Normal KOL

If you don’t have enough budget, you can select cost-effective KOLs and KOCs (C stands for consumer) for cooperation based on price and data.

It’s better to choose a traffic KOL if you aim to get more traffic. Select a sales KOL for more sales. To achieve a better effect, you can hire both traffic KOLs and sales KOLs. Or you can match the all-rounders with ordinary KOLs.

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