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If you are reading this article, we assume you have already chosen a niche. You have an idea of what your clothing item looks like. And you have decided that you want to take the manufacturing route instead of dropshipping. Now, what you need is a manufacturer who can bring your design to life.

You need to consider a lot of factors before selecting your manufacturer. Read this article to find out everything there is to know about choosing a clothing manufacturer.

Domestic vs. Overseas Manufacturers

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to work with a domestic or an overseas manufacturer. For the purposes of this article, “domestic” means in the US or Europe, and “overseas” means in Asia.

clothing factory

Both these options have their advantages:

Domestic Manufacturers

-It is easier to meet with domestic manufacturers and inspect their factories.
-There are no linguistic or cultural barriers.
-Shipping time and cost would be lower in comparison.
-Since you are not importing the product from overseas, there are no import duties.

Overseas Manufacturers

-Clothes manufactured overseas are significantly cheaper. You can check out this study that compares -women’s garment manufacturing costs between Korea and China.
-Manufacturing clothes overseas provides a better range of options when it comes to the array of products.
-The manufacturers are flexible. They are more willing to make customizations.
-More and more people overseas now speak fluent English. So, it is now easy to communicate with manufacturers.

Where to Look for Custom Clothing Manufacturers

After you have decided if you want to go with a domestic manufacturer or an overseas one, you need to start searching. Some of the most reliable places where you can look for custom clothing manufacturers are:

Trade Shows

clothing trade shows

If you have the opportunity to attend an industry trade show, jump at the chance! A trade show is the easiest way to find a factory. They are coming to you to show you what they can do. All you have to do is meet them halfway by showing up at the trade shows.

This is your chance to get face-to-face with potential factory partners, which can make all the difference when it comes to working with them. With trade shows, you can build faster, deeper, and a lot more meaningful relationships.

Search Engines

Over the years, clothing manufacturers have done a much better job of having an online presence. You can now find many of them on the internet.

If you are looking for clothing manufacturers in China, just open the search engine and type “clothing manufacturers China”. Go through the search results, and you may find precisely what you are looking for.

B2B Marketplaces and Directories

Directories and online B2B marketplaces are excellent places to find manufacturers. Contact information for thousands of manufacturers all over the world is consolidated in these places.

Here are some of the most popular websites for different markets:


Simply asking around is a great way to find new options. Word of mouth is truly the best way to get referrals. Interact with people that are in your industry. They can be designers, brand owners, or factory managers.

Let’s say you start talking to a factory, but you are not compatible. They may refer you to another manufacturer who can meet your requirements.

Online Groups and Forums

There are various groups and forums on websites like Facebook where you can join. You can talk to people in similar professions in these groups and ask them about reliable clothing manufacturers. Many clothing vendors for boutiques and clothing brands take part in these groups.

What to Look For in a Clothing Manufacturer

After your initial research, you will have a long list of manufacturers. Now you need to shortlist your options to just a handful of manufacturers. To do this, you must consider the following factors:


The most obvious and most important factor that you must look into is the type of clothes the manufacturer produces. A clothing manufacturer that specializes in the production of T-shirts and hoodies may not be able to produce great quality socks. Make sure the manufacturer specializes in producing the clothing item that you want.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

MOQ means the minimum number of items you need to purchase in one order. Different manufacturers have different MOQs. Some may have 200, while some may have 2000. You need to figure out what MOQ you are comfortable with and choose manufacturers accordingly.

Manufacturing Method

There are two main types of clothing production methods. CMT (Cut, Make, Trim) and FPP (Full Production Package).

  • CMT- As the name suggests, in CMT manufacturing, the factory cuts, makes, and trims your design into a product. Your role is to provide the manufacturers with specifications, tech packs, fabrics, patterns, and stitching requirements.
  • FPP- This means a complete package solution from the manufacturer. From the initial consultation all the way to garment completion, the manufacturers are involved in every process. If you are new to the industry, FPP is most likely a better choice for you.


clothing samples

Make sure that the manufacturer is ready to provide you with samples before you commit to a large order. Checking samples is the best way to ascertain the production quality. Most manufacturers charge a small fee for specimens, but it’s a good investment.


Look for manufacturers with at least 5-7 years of experience in the industry. You can also look at the brands with which they have collaborated. Most manufacturers with an online presence mention their clients on their websites.


Cost is a vital factor to consider before you start working with a manufacturer. Always ask the manager whether the price he quoted you includes packaging, shipping, etc., and if there are any local taxes or any other hidden charges, you will have to pay.

Also, ask them about their payment terms and how much you would need to pay upfront.

Production Capacity

Even though you may not care about the production capacity of the manufacturer when you are just starting, you need to keep it in mind for the future. Pick a manufacturer that can produce large quantities and has the ability to grow with you.

MGOO Fashion Apparels

As one of the best clothing manufacturers in China, we have helped over 4500 customers in their business endeavors. We have ten production lines with tens of printing machines to support various custom apparel demands from our worldwide customers.


  • Unlike other manufacturers, we have an MOQ of just 100 pieces per design. So, if your business is new, and you don’t want a hole in your pocket for your first order, contact us.
  • Our company has 15+ years of experience, and all the skillful workers in our company have more than three years of experience. So you can rest assured that we are reliable.
  • We provide a 20-day refund guarantee.

Our services include:

  • Design assistance
  • Fabric sourcing
  • Cloth sampling
  • Bulk production
  • Photography help
  • Quality control
  • Speedy dropshipping
  • After-sale services

Just fill in the form on our website, and we will contact you by your method of choice.

Picking the best clothing manufacturer is an important decision. Your manufacturer is the most crucial partner on whom your business depends. So, take your time, do your research, conduct due diligence, and read this article carefully to find the manufacturer who fits your business requirements.

We wish you the best in your business endeavors.

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