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Trends are a big thing in fashion, from clothing to accessories and even shoes. As a trend starts to catch on and become popular, it is seen in more stores, on more people, and ultimately becomes a “hot trend.” These trends can be anything from an unusual design or style of cloth to symbols that represent something important.

And it’s important for a clothing brand to know the best trending t shirt designs before it works with custom clothing manufacturers.

For example, the most popular trend in T-shirt design right now is to have a simple, minimalistic graphic along with many different colors. This article will focus on tips to find the best trending t shirt designs. Before reading more, you can click to watch this video.

8 Tips To Find Trending T Shirt Designs

Visit your local stores and see what they have on their racks.

local t shirts stores

One of the best ways to find trendy t-shirts is to visit local stores, especially in big city centers. Firstly, unlike online stores, these stores know their customers personally and have a knack for knowing what they would like themselves. They also have more focused t-shirt collections, making it easier for people searching for trendy designs. As Urban Outfitters, REVOLVE Clothing, and H&M carry a wide range of style options that would meet anyone’s needs.

Use Google Trends to find trending t-shirts on the internet.

google trends

Google Trends is a web-based tool that Google created in 2004. It lets users discover real-time search trends by location, keyword, and device.

Google Trends is a great place for those who make clothing to explore trends in the types of clothing people are searching for. You can use it to find the most popular designs, see what color combinations people are searching for, or find out what people around the globe are curious about a specific brand like Hanes or Puma. Google also breaks down its results into larger categories, including Men’s Apparel, Women’s Apparel, and Accessories. Explore Google Trends now to find trending t shirts.

Go through online fashion blogs

Fashion blogs are a great place to find ideas on what people wear in their everyday lives. They give society a view of what people want and how they see clothes or t-shirts.

Articles from these blogs also review the quality of the items. One thing is for sure, by reading these articles, there is an opportunity to find out more about specific trends and reviews, which could result in better clothes choices for oneself.

Search for B2C platforms that sell trendy t shirts

trending women t shirts amazon

Finding a trending shirt can be difficult with thousands of shirt designs available. Online sites like Amazon and eBay have various trending information and images of t-shirts. First, familiarize yourself with some trending words and phrases as ‘popular’, ‘trend’ etc., then just search one by one on these B2C platforms.

The search results on these platforms will visually show you what styles and colors are hot and trending these days.

Use Pinterest to find trendy fashion trends

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool and social media platform that can come in handy when looking for t-shirts. Whenever I want to find some, I usually use these topics for searching for t-shirts: “trendy clothing”, “women’s fashion shirts”, and “art t-shirts”.

The benefit of Pinterest is that people post whatever they are into- photography, art, gardening ideas- so you will find apparel posts easily enough. Search by even just filtering by the product of interest–fashion boards account for most shares. It often feels organic because more sincere than an advertisement.

Take references from Instagram influencers

Instagram influencers have a major impact on businesses. They are reach-conscious of nearly all 28 demographic and psychographic groups of consumers. One of the simplest ways to find trendy clothing is by looking at popular Instagram influencers who also have a knack for fashion.

Merch research For trendy t shirts

MERCH research tool

MERCH RESEARCH is a simple, visual search to find t-shirts. It features a large selection of filter options so that you can narrow down your specific preference and necessary size. You will be able to stay ahead of other fashion-savvy shoppers or brands looking for trendy t-shirts.

Graphic tees and slogan tees were the most popular t-shirts on MERCH RESEARCH in the summer this year, likely because people were more inclined to be more social and wear popular clothes that they like to show off!

Other blogs of how to find trendy t shirts designs

You can try to search how to find trendy t shirts designs on google or youtube, then there will be several related blogs for you. Click to read them all then you will get more useful tips.

To sum up, we are in the age where information is abundant. Hope the above 8 tips can help you find trendy t shirt designs. If you have other tips, don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss more.

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