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garment measurement

Garment measurement is the foundation of any garment production, and mastering the correct method of measuring clothes is the key to making superior, well-fitting, and beautiful garments.

Measuring Parts

Collar Circumference : Firstly, unfold the garment collar, then measure the upper length if it’s a stand collar. If not, measure the bottom length instead.

Collar Circumference

Clothes Length:

High Point of Should: measure the length vertically from the left shoulder seam’s highest point to the bottom edge.

Center Front Neck: measure vertically from the middle of the front collar to the bottom.

Center Back Neck: measure vertically from the middle of the back collar to the bottom.

Clothes Length:

Sleeve Length:

Normal Sleeve Length: measure from the highest point of the sleeve to the middle of the cuff edge.

Raglan Sleeve Length: measure from center front neck to the middle of the cuff edge.

Across Back Shoulder: measure from left shoulder seam to right shoulder seam.

Cuff Circumference: make the cuff flat and then measure the whole circumference.

sleeve length

Measurement of size:

(1) The basic measurement principle is the same for all garments, but the measurement method will differ slightly for different customers.

(2) The measured garment must be flat, and the measured garment must not be stretched or curled before or during the measurement.

(3) The garment must be flat on the inspection table. The size of the inspection table must be big enough to put the whole garment flat. And it also must be flat and clean. The ruler is the most commonly used measuring tool. We suggest you use a ruler that is not easily deformed and flexible.

(4) Make sure that every size is measured during the measurement. You can randomly measure 2-3 pieces to ensure the correct result.

(5) The standard measurement error is 1-2cm because the garment is measured and made by hand.

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