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Are you searching for your new low moq clothing manufacturer in China? You have come to the right place! MGOO Fashion is a high-quality custom clothing manufacturer that will be able to bring your new design to life.

MGOO Fashion’s mission statement is matched, they make the promise to offer custom clothing designs, custom apparel printing, high-quality clothing manufacturing, fast delivery, and drop shipping, and bring your vision to a better fashion brand. And seriously, who wouldn’t want to work with a low moq clothing manufacturer in China that offers those kinds of promises.

Who is MGOO Fashion?

MGOO Fashion was started by the founder Magde Ma with a dream in mind to start a one-stop-shop for cut and sew manufacturers in China. Since then MGOO Fashion has grown to help more than 4000 companies worldwide create and design their dreams. They have gained SGS certificates and use fabric designers with GRS and GOTS certificates as well.

Another special thing about MGOO is that they are a small moq clothing manufacturer with 6 different departments to take care of your every need. Including a sales team to answer all of your questions and guide you along the way, a design team that is always happy to help if you are stuck on creating your next new design, a photography team in house that will be able to take stunning photos for you to share, and they also have quality control, factory, and sourcing department all under one roof, making it one of the best low moq clothing manufacturers in China.

What is a Low Moq Clothing Manufacturer?

For those of you who do not know what a low moq clothing manufacturer is, it basically means that MGOO Fashion is willing to work with smaller brands that, at the moment, do not have very large orders. It is a very competitive market for low moq clothing manufacturers so when you put your trust in MGOO Fashion with your small order, they will make it come to life.

MGOO Ethics

In today’s fashion world ethics are always in question. You can trust that MGOO always has the right state of mind and that they are not interested in fast fashion. When you place with this small moq clothing manufacturer you can believe that they will never use fur, leather, or any other animal skin. Instead, they always have faux fur, and synthetic leather stocked for all your fashions needs.
Another amazing thing about this cut and sew manufacturer in China is that they can offer you upon request recycled fabrics that are actually made from plastic bottles, how earth-friendly is that? In addition to that MGOO is always conscious of their worker’s safety and offers high wages to all the employees, and strives to improve every day.

What MGOO Offers as a Small Moq Clothing Manufacturer

MGOO offers a wide variety of designs to choose from, from women’s bathings suits to men’s winters jackets and hats, MGOO does it all. All of their designs are made in-house by the design department and they will help with your low moq clothing order as well.

MGOO has Product Development to help guide you along in your order process. These include graphic design, style design, fabric choices, printing and/or embroidery, and finally labeling and packing. They have all of these steps online and ready for you to get started on ordering from this low moq clothing manufacturer in China today.

Next on the list of things that MGOO offers as a cut and sew manufacturer in China is they have 3 different options for your graphic design. These different options are letter, words, and text for the first one, this one is also the least expensive. Number 2 is a photo, printing, or drawing. Next is a combination of the two, so whatever you are looking for in the graphic design world MGOO has got you covered.

The team at MGOO has created over 100 fashion designs, plus with over 9860 bulk orders over time, they are always learning and advancing their techniques. Some of the most popular things you can order from this small moq clothing manufacturer through their website is T-shirts and top, hoodies and sweatshirts, jackets and coats, sleepwear, swimshorts, and swimsuits.

They also offer 4 different types of labels and packing for their customers. You can choose between your own brand label design, maybe add in a wash care label, they have hang tags, and finally, you can create your own custom packaging.

Quality Control is a big deal at MGOO, and they have a team in place to make sure that your small moq order is completed on time and correct, every time.

How to Contact MGOO

To get in touch and place your order today at this low moq clothing manufacturer in China you have many options, send them an email at sale@mgoofashion.com , give them a call at +86 1521 7656830, or reach out on one of their many social networks today to get your conversion started about ordering from this small moq clothing manufacturer today.

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