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nylon vs polyester

Polyester is characterized by good breathability and moisture removal. It also has strong anti-acid and alkali resistance and anti-ultraviolet ability. The appearance of fabric is darker and rougher than nylon.

Nylon, the advantages are high strength, high wear resistance, high chemical resistance, and good resistance to deformation and aging. The disadvantage is that it feels hard. The gloss of the fabric is brighter, and the hand feels smoother.

The simplest difference between nylon and polyester is the burning method! Polyester emits very strong black smoke. Nylon emits white smoke. And you can compare the residue after burning too. Polyester will be broken when squeezed, and nylon will become plastic! Nylon is twice as expensive as polyester.

On the other hand, polyester feels rougher, and nylon feels smoother. You can also use your fingernails to scrape. After the nails are scraped, the ones with obvious marks are polyester, and the ones with less obvious marks are nylon, but this method is not as intuitive and easy to identify as the first method.

So, what are the performance differences? Nylon’s performance is better than polyester, but the cost is higher than polyester. Nylon products are better than polyester products in abrasion resistance, stress, color fastness, and gloss and are not prone to dead wrinkles.

How do they distinguish in daily life?

Polyester imitation silk has a strong feel and a bright luster, but it is not soft enough, has a glittering effect, has a smooth hand, is flat and firm, and has good elasticity. After pinching the silk surface with your hand, release it without an obvious crease.

The luster of nylon is dull, the surface feels like a layer of wax is applied, and the color is not bright. The nylon feels stiff. After squeezing the fabric and releasing it, there are creases on the surface. It would slowly return to its original state.

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