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Pima Cotton Vs Combed Cotton

Most people buy quality when it comes to cotton but fail to understand the details connecting and differentiating types of cotton qualities in the fabric family. Setting apart the cotton types and knowing their origin, versatility, durability, etcetera is a knowledge only a few have at their fingertips. This article, therefore, purposes of outlining relevant information to help tell between Pima and Combed cotton.

What is Pima Cotton?

It’s a top-quality cotton fabric with a reputation for softness in texture. It is made from a distinctive kind of cotton known as Gossypium barbadense and is composed of threads that go up to 34 millimeters in length. Compared to other cotton fabrics, Pima has extra-long staple(ELS) fibers, meaning it has the longest fibers. It was named Gossypium barbadense because initially, it was cultivated by Westerners on tropical islands like Barbados. However, evidence indicates that since 3,000 BC, this cotton type grew in West Indies and South America.

What is Combed Cotton?

Combed cotton is the softer form of cotton achieved by treating the fibers before it’s spun into the yarn. It enjoys superior power over another cotton because it undergoes an extra step in combing to remove impunities, making it stronger, luxurious, softer, and one of the priciest cotton fabrics.

How to know the Quality of Cotton in Branded Garments?

Different branding garments choose different qualities of cotton to be incorporated in their work and business entities. Therefore, extra strides were taken by processors to make sure a garment continues to feel constricting and cozy even after several wears and washes, which distinguishes a top quality from a stubby quality garment.

A very salient note is that an item’s price and quality are not consistently in correspondence. Moreover, just because an item tags a high price doesn’t necessarily mean its quality is top-notch; some of these manufacturers play success cards with your luck of knowledge. Therefore, you must be discerning.

Top Cotton Quality Apparel Brands

Have you ever paid attention to or researched which are the top users of cotton, both Pima and combed? Well, if no, here’s an answer for you.
Below is a list of different Apparel brands with top-quality cotton clothes.

Buck Mason


Mark Weldon

You can check them out on their platforms to see the excellent quality cotton products in the market right now.

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Final Thoughts

Pima and Combed cotton are all good for their uses in one way or the other, and their unique paints are different colors on the faces of their manufacturers. Moreover, their products are different though relatively similar in some ways. Whenever you need any of the two, weigh the options, so you choose the best to suit your interest.

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