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Polo and rugby seem to be alike, but do they have that much in common? If you’re looking for a polo shirt or a rugby jersey, then the answer is yes.

They are both shirts that men or women can wear. But if you want to find out what makes them different from one another, it’s time to take a closer look!

Polo shirts are an iconic symbol of the upper class. But in many ways, they also represent a lot more than that.

Men Black Polo Shirt
Men Black Polo Shirt

For example, if you want something for summer wear, there is always the classic short-sleeve polo shirt made from lightweight cotton or polyester with contrasting collars and cuffs to keep you cool.

If you’re looking for something more formal to wear at night, long-sleeved versions can be a good choice.

While rugby shirts are usually a sports symbol, for example, when England played New Zealand in 2009 for the Rugby World Cup final, the players of England wore new Adidas Rugby shirts with their iconic white collars and cuffs.

Rugby shirts worn by rugby players
Rugby shirts worn by rugby players

The England team also wore these shirts when they played the All Blacks again in London on December 3, 2010.

Historial origin of polo shirts

The history of the polo shirt starts with the game of polo, which supposedly got its name from the Persian word “polo,” meaning “ball.”

Polo games
Polo games

It is said that the game was first played in Persia by soldiers who rode on horseback. They would try to hit a ball with their mallets through a small opening in a stone wall.

The history of the polo shirt can be traced back to the early 1900s. At that time, polo shirts were made out of heavy-duty cotton twill.

They were popular among polo players because they were comfortable. Polo shirts started to become more popular in the United States after World War II.

They have now become a popular choice for informal day wear.

Historial origin of rugby shirts

The rugby shirt is the symbol of the rugby game. It was first introduced in 1892 when players were made mandatory to wear jerseys with numbers on the back.

Rugby game
Rugby game

This made it easier to identify players on the field. The rugby shirt has evolved quite a bit ever since then, but one thing that hasn’t changed is its closeness to the game.

All rugby shirts were created to be different from their counterparts.

And Rugby shirts usually have a lot of meaning behind them.

An example is that some rugby teams have a society for people who follow the sport and that society has specific shirts that can be worn by anyone who chooses to be a part of that society.

How to Style A Mens’ Rugby Shirts

The primary similarity between polo shirts & rugby shirts

Men or women can wear both polo shirts and rugby shirts.

Both polo shirts and rugby shirts represent a kind of sport.

They started in the 1900s and have evolved into various popular styles.

Long-sleeved polo shirts and rugby shirts look similar.

They are both comfortable & durable to wear.

The vast differences between polos & rugby


Suitable fabrics for polo shirts usually can be (over 65%) polyester & cotton blend; 100% cotton; silk cotton, or lycra cotton(over 95%).

As for the fabric weight, polo shirts usually use 170gsm, 180gsm. It is because polo shirts are typical for summer wear.

Polo shirt fabric
Polo shirt fabric

Suitable fabric for rugby shirts can be polycotton, jersey, combed cotton. And the weight can be 240gsm, 250gsm, 290gsm, 330gsm. Rugby usually happens in late fall or winter. It’s the main reason why rugby shirts need heavier fabrics.

Rugby shirt fabric
Rugby shirt fabric

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With the polo shirt, the appearance is a contrast between colors, which can be seen in the collars and cuffs. Rugby shirts do not usually have a large contrast in color or design.

Instead, they will be made of more muted colors. They will also usually have an embroidered logo on the chest.

Another different point is, rugby shirts usually have broad horizontal stripes. In comparison, there more narrow stripes on a polo shirt.

Rugby shirt green and white color
Rugby shirt green and white color


It is obvious to see 2 or 3 small buttons on the collar part of a polo shirt. Buttons are usually white.

While we rarely see that happen to a rugby shirt. And a rugby shirt usually has a white collar. Sometimes, a rugby shirt doesn’t has a turn down collar. In comparison, a polo shirt can have different colors or designs of the collar. A polo shirt always has a collar and buttons.


Nowadays, polo shirts are worn for games like golf and tennis. People wear polo shirts in many situations. It has become famous for informal wear. People wear them simply because they want to be comfortable and look good simultaneously.

Sports players usually wear rugby shirts. But, not only do they have to be sporting a rugby shirt, they have to be wearing a rugby shirt with the correct team colors. If you want to be fashionable and show your support for a team, a rugby shirt is a great idea.


Polo shirts and rugby shirts are popular clothing items for men and women. They are both made out of comfortable materials, and they usually have a durable construction.

This article discusses the differences between polo shirts and rugby shirts. The main difference between the two types of shirts is the fabric weight and the appearance.

Rugby shirts usually have a heavier fabric weight, and they usually have horizontal stripes. Polo shirts usually have a little contrast in color, and they are more common to see as casual outwear.

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