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puff print vs screen print

Generally speaking, puff print and silk screen print are the most common printing methods for garments. In fact, your supplier will give corresponding suggestions to offer you a better printing based on your design.

clothes printing

For example, if you have a large logo with complex colors, then we will recommend you to use screen print instead of puff print. There are three reasons below.

puff print example

The overall effect of puff print is easy to crack after washing.

Puff print is easy to get depressed after long-time soaking.

Puff print is not suitable for designs with sharp edges.

Edges might become a little bit round. But if you want more 3D effect, you can choose half puff print and half screen print.
Screen print is much simpler. As long as the Pantone color selection is right, you can almost get all the ideal effects. In addition to the above points, let’s see more detailed differences between them.

screen print process
  • Hand feeling. When you touch screen print on garments, you usually feel like touching on a flat piece of plastic film. When you touch puff print, there will be 3D feeling. And the feeling can get stronger if you choose higher puff height.
  • Price. Normally, puff print will cost more than screen print.
  • Surface. If it is white puff print, the resistance to dirt will be not as good as screen print.
  • Logo size. Puff print will be easy to fall off for small logo size, and the effect is not good.


If you want to cost less, choose screen print, which is also more durable. If you like 3D effect of puff print, your logo should not be too big or small, and the color should not be too complicated. To explore more clothes printing methods, check our printing page or directly request us a quote.

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