Polyester VS Cotton, Know Your Fabrics

Polyester Cotton Which Is Better For Your Clothing line

If you want to get your clothes manufactured, your choice of fabrics plays an all-important role. Here, we compare polyester and cotton for your reference.

The Fashion Trends in 2022

Boutique Clothing Stores Including Fashion Trends in 2022

Spring 2022 has brought new styles and trends. From miniskirts to oversized coats, the 2022 season is full of great stuff.

Top 5 Best Fabrics for T-Shirts

Fabric Types Essential To Make More Popular Custom T-shirts

Although texture, design, and style affect your T-shirt choice, the fabric is the main factor because it determines your T-shirt’s comfort and fit.

Complete Guide on Caring Silk

Explore MGOO for Different Silk Fabrics For Your Pajamas Collections

Today we give the best tips on how you can take care of silk at home. Whether washing silk by hand or machine, you should keep a few things in mind.

Organic Cotton VS Regular Cotton

Know The Differences Between Organic Cotton and Regular Cotton, Helping You Make Better Choices For Your Clothing Line, Finding Better Clothing Manufacturers

Knowing the differences between organic and regular cotton can help you make better choices and care for the environment. Learn more about these cotton types from this article.