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Custom Hang Tags

Introduction: Why Use Custom Hang Tags for Clothing?

Hang tags or garment labels are small pieces of cloth, plastic, paper, or metal attached to a garment to inform consumers of the information such as size, washing instructions, care instructions, and more.

Custom Clothing Tags with Brand Name and Website

Custom hang tags for clothing can be used for any clothes. They offer many benefits, including:

  • Protecting fabric from wear and tear
  • Helping ease the process of finding clothes in a crowded store
  • Ensuring the right size is purchased
  • Encouraging customers to return items if they aren’t happy with them

In addition to these benefits, hang tags are very inexpensive and the perfect way to promote your clothing brand with every sale. It’s also essential for businesses to ensure their products are identifiable and easy to find on the shelves. They can come in different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors customized to fit your brand.

Hang tags also serve as a form of marketing material since it is one of the first things customers see when browsing your wares on the shelves. A well-executed design will speak volumes about what kind of business you are and how much effort you put into producing quality goods.

What are the Different Types of Clothing Hang Tags?

There are several different clothing hang tags currently available on the market. They can be made from either plastic, paper, metal, or fabric, with or without adhesive, and come in various shapes, styles and sizes. The clothing tag design is also different for different types of garments and may include logos, graphics, or text information about the brand. The following is a list of all possible types:

Paper hang tags

Paper Hang Tags with Custom Design

These are tags typically made from lightweight paper or card stock, and they have a plain design with no graphics or pictures on them. These tags are usually the lower part of a garment’s label, and they typically have a hole punched in them and may have one or more holes near the top.

Metal hang tags

Metal Hang Tag on Jeans

Metal clothing labels like silver foil hang tags come in various shapes, including round, oval, square, rectangle, and heart-shaped. The shape should match the garment’s shape for maximum effectiveness. Metal tags are usually used for dressy clothes such as evening gowns or coats where durability is a concern. They can also be used for pricier items where appearance is essential.

Plastic hang tags

Plastic hang tag with brand info

Plastic hang tags are plastic tags used to identify and promote products. The use of plastic hang tags has been around for a long time, but the general public just started hearing about them back in the 1980s. They became popular because they are affordable and took less time to produce than metal or paper tag methods.

Fabric hang tags

fabric hang tags

Fabric hang tags for clothing are typically durable materials like cotton or polyester and sewn into the seam at the top, back, or bottom of the garment. They are commonly used to create an easy-to-find, retail-ready tag for garments. We recommend that you use a ¼ inch seam allowance when sewing your fabric hang tags in place, so it is not noticeable on your finished garment.

Leather hang tags

leather hang tags

Leather hang tags are a type of product tag that is made out of leather or a similar material. Leather hang tags are small and narrow, but they can be stitched onto something to let people know who made it or the brand. The leather hang tags are usually sewn onto the clothing or near them. The hang tags will provide information on where it was created, what type of leather was used in its construction and any other pertinent information that may be needed by the consumer.

Loop hang tags

Loop hang tags are also known as break-away hang tags. They are hanging tags for clothing that will detach when pulled. These tags allow you to know as soon as your product is picked up from the shelf and can track it through the entire retail process. They are created for a specific application type, and they have some limitations.

Ribbon hang tags

Ribbon Hang Tags

Ribbon hang tags are used to tie the ribbon around the neck of a gift box. They are made from various materials, such as satin and velvet ribbons. They are perfect for packaging and branding, as they are made from colorful materials with eye-catching designs. You can find a ribbon hanger that matches your brand color or design style. Some of our favorite ribbons include the cotton designer ribbon with a silver edge and the satin ribbon in a vintage floral pattern.

RFID hang tags

RFID hang tags

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification and it uses radio waves to capture as well as read information that is stored on tags that are specially attached to any object. It helps in protecting consumer lives and revolutionizes the ways in which businesses conduct their operations.

What Do You Need For Custom Hang Tags

1) artwork for your custom hang tag

You will need software like Photoshop or Canva to design your custom hang tags. Your artwork needs to include the design pattern, logo, and information text that can display your clothing brand identity. Filetype must be standard formats like png, jpg, ai, pdf, etc. Or contact clothing manufacturers that can offer design assistance. They will finish the design for you.

2) custom clothing manufacturer

Find custom clothing manufacturers that can offer one-stop services from fabric sourcing to delivery. Ensure they have done various custom hang tags and can guarantee high quality. Usually, there is required moq such as 2000 pcs per design with a low price. You can keep the rest for the following fashion collection.

3) confirmation on details like materials, sizes, printing or embroidery

As we’ve mentioned before, there are many different hang tags for clothing. Make sure you choose one type of hanging tags that can meet the needs of both your brand vision and your customers. You can discuss specific material, size, color, shape, printing, or embroidery with clothing suppliers.

Then wait for their final work. You can double-check order details before delivery.

How to make your hang tags more professional?

Hang tags are an essential part of garment display; they represent the brand’s class and style. If you want to make your hang tags more professional, you can take these features for your reference.

Firstly, you need to choose what type of material best suits your needs and budget.

In the age of online shopping, many companies opt for better quality, more durable, and cheaper custom hang tags. Paper and plastic are popular options for this item as they both have their benefits. Paper is a good choice for those with a small budget or who need it to be recyclable, but plastic hang tags can be used for a more professional look. Despite the high price, metal hang tags can be more professional than plastic ones. There are countless options available, so you need to determine which material best suits your budget.

Add your brand color and brand logo to hang tags.

The primary color should match the design of your packaging or branding so that customers can quickly identify it. Your brand logo is what identifies your company. It should be on most if not all of your materials, and you should put it in a central place that is accessible to customers. Hang tags with clear company logo are more professional.

Make sure your hang tags artwork is high quality and professional.

High-quality artwork should be clear, sharp, and eye-catching to keep viewers engaged and make it easy for customers to relate to your brand. You should simplify your design and remove any extra elements. And for fonts in the hang tags, you can use more popular fonts like sans serif and slab serif. These two fonts are usually clean, clear, and modern, suitable for professional business applications

Other instructions that professional hang tags included.

  • A brief “About Us” or your slogan
  • Product information
  • Website
  • Price and size
  • Care instructions
  • Contact information

You don’t need to put all those info in your hang tags. Keeping your total factors below 5 is okay.


Custom hang tags can also be made to fit any store’s needs and offer a unique way of labeling clothing with unique brands or styles that can be promoted. And there are many different types of clothing hang tags used for different reasons. If you don’t have enough budget, you can choose paper as your hang tags material. Otherwise, you can try metal hang tags or ribbon hang tags.

Before ordering custom hang tags, make sure you’ve got a purchasing plan. It would help if you determined the specific hang tags for your clothing brand. If you don’t have a design, you can contact custom clothing vendors that can offer design help or look for online design platforms. MGOO team loves to deal with such orders. They are so professional due to thousands of one-stop custom clothing manufacturing cooperations. Feel free to learn more or get an instant quote.

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