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Lululemon Workout Hijabs

Introduction of Lululemon

Lululemon is a Canadian-based company that designs athletic wear for yoga and exercise. The company was founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson, Dennis “Tobi” James and the company’s then-CEO, Dennis “Chip” Wilson. Lululemon manufactures technical athletic clothing made from natural fibers.

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The company has expanded into cross-training tops, classic running shoes and lifestyle products such as bags. It is a rapidly growing company in the industry of athletic wear that promotes well-being and health. Lululemon has been surviving the competition with other brands by primarily focusing on innovation, quality, and distribution.

The company has grown over the years, but its own mission has not changed: Lululemon wants to make sure that people feel amazing in their clothes and have a lifestyle that reflects what they believe in.

When Lululemon Launched Hijabs?

On 8th, June, Lululemon launched a new sportswear line of lightweight and breatheable hijabs. This line included three styles: performance hijab, pull-on-style hijab, and scarf-style hijab. Using soft, sweat-wicking, quick-drying four way stretch fabric and lycra, Lululumon making these hijabs suitable for the gym, a home workout.

Three Hijab Styles Launched by Lululemon

These hijabs are designed to make women more comfortable and meet their cultural requirements. According to a Pew Research Survey, there has been an increase in the number of Muslim women who wear hijabs in public spaces in the United States. The numbers have been increasing at an exponential rate for about the last decade. Therefore, Lululemon not only moved steps towards inclusivity but also towards more business sales.

The History of Hijab in Women’s Fashion

Womens fashion hijabs

A hijab can be made from a variety of materials such as cotton, polyester or silk. The word “hijab” comes from the Arabic word meaning “a screen”, or “to hide”, as it is traditionally worn by Muslim females to conceal their hair and much of their body when they are in public spaces like schools or workplaces.

Hijabs have been around for thousands of years. They first surfaced in the pre-Islamic times, in what is now Eastern Arabia. The hijab was worn by both men and women to cover their head, and sometimes their face, as a sign of respectability. When Muhammad established the religion of Islam, he encouraged women to dress modestly by drawing a veil over their bosom and head. The following year (624 CE), it became mandatory for Muslim women to wear some kind of covering in public.

In traditional Western society, the hijab has been stereotypically regarded as a form of oppression for women which hinders their freedom to do certain things or go certain places like men are allowed to do. However, this view on hijabs has changed in recent years with more people viewing them as trendy statements in women’s fashion.

Why This Matters? The Importance of Cultural Appreciation

We live in a diverse world, with diverse cultures and beliefs. It is important to have a cultural understanding of what people believe and how they live their lives so that we can respect them.

When the founder of lululemon was asked about their new line of hijabs, he said, “I felt like it was time” and his wife called it an act of cultural appreciation.

For many years, when Muslim women wear hijabs in Western countries, this can cause difficulties as people may find it hard to understand why they do this and think that Muslim women are oppressed or forced into wearing this clothing. They may also think that hijabs are a symbol of Islam which is not true as hijabs can be worn by people from any religion. Sometimes, it depends on personal preference as hijabs become a fashion trend nowadays.

Lululemon is trying to cater to a growing demand for sports hijabs as well as an open attitude towards different cultures.

And what can clothing brands learn from such launch?

With today’s changing demographics and immigration, many brands are now looking to launch products that cater to Muslim customers. Lululemon is one such brand that has successfully done so. This is a great moment for Muslim women as it means that they have more freedom to choose what they want to wear. Secondly, this will allow them to be in control of their own personal style and fashion sense.

They are not the first company to do this; Nike also launched their “Pro Hijab” in 2018 after similar testing. But what can other fashion brands learn from Lululemon about launching hijabs?

First of all, this is a good move as it will provide clothing brands with an opportunity to tap into a unique market that is worth billions of dollars. They may need to created products that are attractive to different consumer groups. Secondly, it was not easy to make a great step. Lululemon faced sales drop from anti-Islam sentiment, but the company was not phased and continued to launch their hijab line. So, clothing brands need to be prepared for potential threads and continue to do the right thing.

By the way, Lululemon has updated products for Father’s Day. What about your clothing stores? If you need some gift ideas, read this blog for more details.

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