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T-Shirt Size Diffierence

When you buy clothes abroad – you will generally encounter two sizes: one is marked with the “S/M/L” international code, and one is the number of adults UK code. The smaller the number of the UK code, the smaller the size.
Online stores will generally have size guides, so when using the table below to compare Chinese and English clothing sizes, don’t forget to look carefully at the size guide on the shopping site.

China And Uk Clothing Size Chart

The difference between Asian and European sizes is that European sizes are usually one to two yards larger than Asian sizes. If European-fit clothes let the same height and figure as Asian people to wear, they will be significantly larger.
In addition, European sizes and Asian sizes are different in the form of expression; European sizes are generally expressed in XS, S, M, L, and XL, while Asian sizes will be expressed in height, waist and other data, such as 155cm, 160cm, 165cm, etc.
And Asian sizes are generally expressed in numbers; the following gives you the European sizes corresponding to Asian ones.
1, European size XS is equivalent to the male and female height 155-160cm.
2, European size S is equivalent to the male and female height 160-165cm, male shirt collar circumference 39cm.
3, European size M equivalent to the male and female height 165-170cm, male shirt collar circumference 40cm.
4, European size L equivalent to men’s and women’s height 170-175cm, men’s shirt collar 41cm.
5, European code XL equivalent to men’s and women’s height 175-180cm, men’s shirt collar 43cm.
6, European code XXL equivalent to men’s and women’s height 180-185cm, men’s shirt collar 44cm.
7, European size XXXL is equivalent to men’s and women’s height 185cm or more, men’s shirt collar circumference 45cm or more.
Through the above comparison of European size and Asian size, we can distinguish the difference between the two.

The products we have made are customized according to the information provided by customers, who generally have no standard practice; we can adjust according to the local size.

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