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What is the OEKO-TEX100 certification, and how to apply it?

OEKO-TEX100, also called STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, is the world’s most authoritative and influential textile eco-label. It aims to test harmful substances on textiles. The standard is divided into Appendix 4 and Appendix 6, where the specified substances and limit values differ. To apply for oekotex100 certification, you must submit a written application to the designated testing organization by International Environmental Protection Textile Association. Only the organization belongs to International Environmental Protection Textile Association designated so that the product can get the Oeko-TexStandard 100 label.

Is the cost of OEKO-TEX100 certification expensive?

OEKO-TEX 100 certification cost

The application fee includes the certificate, back-visiting, and testing fees. The certificate fee and back-visiting fee are fixed, the certificate fee is renewed yearly, and the testing fee usually is hundreds of dollars, but it can fluctuate according to projects. And if there is also STep Test for the factory, there will be audit fees and auditor’s travel expenses. Meantime, you can save the back-visiting fee because the facotry audit also conduct back-visiting process. What’s more, sometimes if the fabric supplier has the valid certification, there is no need to do the test.

What are the benefits of applying for OEKO-TEX100 certification?

OEKO-TEX 100 certification clothes

OEKO TEX is an organization of 18 independent institutions in Europe and Japan and worldwide offices. It has been dedicated to textile and leather testing according to customer needs since 1992 and has grown to gain the world’s trust. Having the certification means that your products are safe, harmless, and eco-friendly. The customer recognition of these labels is very high, which can enhance the trust and goodwill of consumers toward the product. And if you want to develop overseas markets, you will find that many overseas countries have the requirement to pass the certification. So it is necessary to apply for the certification if you have a clothing brand.

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