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Fabric Types Essential To Make More Popular Custom T-shirts

Although texture, design, and style affect your T-shirt choice, the fabric is the main factor because it determines your T-shirt’s comfort and fit. There are numerous fabrics to choose from, and it is crucial to research thoroughly. It is essential to note that your fabric choice depends on why you are wearing the T-shirt. For example, polyester is an ideal fabric for the gym, while linen is worn during warm weather. Here are the top 5 best fabrics for T-shirts to choose from clothing vendors:

The word "fabrics" made by many t shirts

1. Cotton

cotton fabric

Cotton is widely used because it is economical and readily available. When it comes to cotton fabrics, there are more than 50 options to choose from, including Pima cotton, Giza cotton, and Egyptian cotton. Cotton is durable, and depending on the type of cotton you choose, its texture can vary, with some cotton fabrics being very soft. Cotton fabric is easy to clean, ideal for people with sensitive skins, and has higher moisture absorption. However, the fabric shrinks with time and cannot hold dyes for a long time because it fades.

2. Linen

linen fabric

Linen is considered one of the most sustainable fabrics that can be easily tailored to meet your needs. The fabric is made from fabrics that are derived from flax. Since the fabric is lightweight, most people prefer using linen T-shirts during the summer months. Unlike cotton, linen is softer and sheerer. On the upside, linen is versatile. Hence, it can be used to make other clothing, for example, beddings. Linen fabric does not stretch easily, and it is biodegradable. However, the fabric is prone to wrinkling, and it can lose its biodegradability if it is treated with dyes and bleaches.

3. Poly-Cotton Blend

Cotton Polyester Blend Fabric

Poly cotton blend offers the ideal balance if you choose between cotton and polyester. You will enjoy lightness, quality, wrinkle resistance, breathability, and strength. The fabric is versatile, durable, and strong. For these reasons, the fabric makes numerous garments, including T-shirts. However, since it cannot sustain itself under high temperatures, it is not advisable to wear a poly-cotton blend outdoors. It is also crucial to note that this fabric is more expensive than polyester.

4. Polyester

four colors of polyester fabrics

Are you looking for custom apparel that withstands repeated wear and washes without shrinking or undergoing significant changes? Polyester is the ideal choice. Polyester is among the most popular and commercialized materials with low production costs. The fabric is mainly used to make garments by clothing manufacturers. Its durability, resistance to wrinkles and abrasion, lightweight, and high elasticity rate make it an ideal T-shirt fabric. However, it has low breathability, is prone to burning, and does not biodegrade fast, making it an environmental concern.

5. Rayon

rayon fabrics

Rayon is an artificial fabric from wood pulp. However, the fabric can also be made from cotton, trees, and plants. It is lightweight, has a smooth texture, and is very smooth. But, to maintain the integrity of the fabric, rayon should be dry cleaned. Since the fabric is manufactured, it does not last long, and it wrinkles after repeated wear and wash. 
If you want to choose the best T-shirt fabric for custom clothing or start a clothing line, it is crucial to consider their breathability, durability, weight, and softness. It would help if you considered preference and choice, but why and when you plan to wear the T-shirt are crucial factors to consider when choosing the perfect fabric. We, MGOO Fashion Apparel Co., Ltd, have listed the different types of T-shirts fabrics to meet the requirements of our customers. 

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