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international tolerances

Clothing retailers will always mark “size is manually measured, there will be measurement range 1-3cm. Return application is not acceptable for this reason.” below the size specifications. So, what exactly are the international tolerances? What kind of range should be reasonable?

Unlike some mechanical products, clothing usually can not do the precise size. There are specific reasons below.

1.Fabric Instability.

Different fabrics normally have different elasticity, expansion, and preheating. Some finished products will have different degrees of shrinkage after ironing and washing.

2.Manual Cutting.

Before sewing, the fabric will undergo cutting. People make the cutting part; thus, there will be unavoidable deviations.


Nowadays, many garment factories do not perform automatic mechanical production. Clothes sewing is also highly dependent on manual labor. The range of garment tolerances varies with different skill levels.

4.Measuring Methods.

The different measurement starting points will make different values.

Ironed and wrinkled garments will appear at different values after measurement.

The strength of pulling during the measurement will also affect the size value.

Compared to a flat garment, measuring the garment worn by a model will have a different value.

There will be different values for new, washed, or old clothes.

Generally speaking, a tolerance of 2cm caused by these reasons is acceptable.

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