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recycled fabric

“Recycled fabrics” are durable and recyclable fabrics that are biodegradable after use, with a transparent supply chain, and less pressure and pollution to the environment in the manufacturing process.

recycled polyester fabric

Since plastic was invented, humankind should consider recycling and reusing plastic. Many of the plastic products we make have become garbage and entered nature, the ocean, the soil, and the atmosphere. Recycling larger plastic waste products, such as water bottles, and turning them into recyclable fabrics by processing them into artificial fibers, has become a hot trend in the fashion industry.

the process of making recycled fabric

The fibers extracted from recycled plastic bottles are made into new RPET fabrics, which are designed into a wide variety of garments such as beautiful jackets to meet our various living needs.

recycled PET

The raw materials for PET are derived from crude oil and natural gas. Making recycled PET is a green way to alleviate the shortage of oil resources and quickly reduce carbon emissions. One ton of RPET yarn is equivalent to 67,000 plastic bottles, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 4.2 tons, saving 0.0364 tons of oil, and saving 6.2 tons of water.

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