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There are many types of T-shirt printing pattern designs. The more common ones are: trademark, text, comprehensive.

There are many international T-shirts, and their printing patterns are their own trademarks, which not only advertises the T-shirts, but also has a decorative effect. A trademark is purely plastic art, a sign that marks the origin of a product and the honor of a company.
How to design a Trademarks:
①It should be easy to remember, easy to read, and clear at a glance
②The content is suitable for the nature of the company or product
③ It should have a unique style and font format
Generally, the logo design is relatively simple, and the unique font format can be used to make the trademarks more distinctive.

Words are symbols for recording and expressing emotional communication between people. Because of the long history of words, after historical experience and years of pondering, the words themselves have the beauty of figurative art. Font styling is the key to the design of T-shirt text patterns.
How to design a text pattern:
①Beautiful vision, strong artistic appeal and attractiveness
②can deliver practical functions and information
③In line with the aesthetics of the times

Combining text, painting, photography, computer special effects, etc., it is the most visually beautiful expression. Its function is to attract everyone’s attention, from the pattern of the T-shirt to achieve the desired effect of fashion, personality and cultural connotation. Designers can use their imagination to design various patterns.
How to design a comprehensive pattern:
①You can find a pattern designer to design a comprehensive pattern
②Find a website that can sell the design and buy the design.
③Find MGOO to help design the clothes.

If you have any questions, you can contact MGOO, we offer one-stop services to help customers build their own brands.

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