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all kinds of clothing hang tags

A hangtag on a garment provides information on size, color, fabric, and price. Hang tags can be valuable in capturing the consumer’s attention and displaying product information. Generally, hang tags can be divided into several types based on the materials and shapes, such as paper, metal, plastic, fabric, RFID loop, leather, ribbon, etc.

various kinds of clothing hang tags

Next, let’s explore the six types of tag printing techniques and their applications for Spanish apparel brands.

  • Ink printing
normal paper hang tags

Ink printing is common for paper tags. Usually, it’s white fonts printed on black paper or black fonts printed on white paper. Besides, you can do oiling for higher quality paper tags. Oiling prevents ink from staining the clothes.

  • UV coating
paper hang tag with uv coating

UV coating refers to ultraviolet coating, which makes the paper tags brighter. It’s used for paper tags. UV coating chemicals include polyethylene, calcium carbonate and kaolinite. These compounds are refined and mixed with viscosifiers that help them adhere to paper.

  • Film lamination

Film lamination refers to the process of bonding a clear plastic film onto printed tags. It can make the paper tags more smooth and stronger.

  • Foil printing
foil printing

Foil printing is the process of adding shiny metallic colours to marketing materials. It can be used for coated paper tags. The printing technology can make the pattern becomes very beautiful. For example, you will get a gold glitter brand name on the tag if you choose foil printing.

  • Emboss printing
embossed hang tags

If you want to make hang tags more layered sense, then emboss printing is great for you. It can make a hang tag three-dimensional. And the pattern becomes better so that your customers will feel impressed after seeing such a tag. It can be used for platic, leather, and plastic hang tags.

  • Debossing

Debossing is the opposite of emboss printing. Instead of a layered sense, debossing will show a concave effect by depressing the text or image into the hang tag. Such technique is often used for paper, leather, and plastic hang tags. But remember, if you want deeper effect, you need to make sure the material is thick enough.

eyelets of hang tags

After the printing, there come the eyelets, which can lace up the strings. Standard eyelet diameter sizes include: 0.25, 0.375, 0.4375. The sizes depend on the thickness of the materials. Feel free to contact us for the correct size of your custom hang tags.

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