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In the last ten to fifteen years, the fashion industry has experienced a whooping success. It’s a huge industry that provides bread and butter to investors and daily wagers. When a fashion brand introduces itself in the market, its success isn’t marked instantly. Nobody knows its fate. Yet, hundreds of designers take that risk every month and every year.

Being a fashion startup comes with its own problems, especially if you have no guidance. If you’re a clothing brand looking forward to a breakthrough launch, this article is your key to success.

Here are some clothing production terms that a fashion brand must not miss. Knowing these terms will take you a long way in the fashion business. Don’t forget that any kind of knowledge takes you a long way.

So, make sure you don’t miss any of these terms!


Being a fashion startup, you’ll often hear terms like ‘go to bulk’ or ‘approved to bulk.’ It means your sampling has successfully finished, you are delighted with the final result, and now the order is good to go.

Bulk is the final result of your project that would be delivered to the clients. You use the terms mentioned earlier for the factory as final approval.


CMT stands for CUT, MAKE and TRIM. The factory can cut the fabric, trim it accordingly and sew it for the final results. The procedure includes adding buttons, labels, zips, etc.


Don’t take the word for its literal meaning! Ex-factory refers to the date and day the bulk is transferred from the factory. However, you better be clear about what you mean and don’t jumble up the delivery dates, conversations, etc. Don’t forget that the shipping date is different from the ex-factory date. Clear the exact delivery date to avoid missing any slots booked for flights or shipping.


FOB stands for free on board and is represented by the number 5. You’ll face this term while receiving quotes from the suppliers. It refers to the total cost, which includes the cost of delivering goods to the nearest port and the cost of manufactured clothes. Make sure everything is itemized and as per the quote. Don’t forget that it won’t always include shipping rates, taxes, duty fees, insurance, etc.

Grade Rules

Number six refers to grade rules. It is the difference between each size and grade rule. The difference tells the measurement needed between points of each measure. These measurements vary as per styles and different positions. The measurements are custom for each class and designed instead of copy-pasting. The measurements must be done manually and checked for each point.

Lead Time

Your number 7 is the lead time. It’s the total time between order confirmation with the factory and receiving the final order at the distribution center. The term can be bewildering for some people. Make sure that when the factory mentions its delivery time, you recheck it, speak to the courier, and confirm the lead time.


Number 8 is your MOQ, and it is vital. Small businesses and startups are very much familiar with this word. It’s the minimum order quantity, for example, a minimum amount of trims, labels, barcodes, and bags. MOQ helps with dictating are business preferences.

Tech Pack

You’d need to inform your manufacturer about the formation of a product; hence a sheet is necessary. A Tech pack includes technical specifications and details about materials, measurements, colors, hardware, trims tags, and labels. It further provides crucial information about the technical aspects of the product and its design.


Tolerance is a critical aspect that asserts the quality of a product in minus or plus measurements.

Tolerance is essential because it helps us understand that two garments of the same size can’t be similar. For example, two large-size t-shirts can fit differently despite falling in the same range.

Quality Control

If you want your fashion brand to become a huge success, make sure that quality control is consistent. You can determine quality control by testing product units, whether they fall into final product specifications or not. This process depends on the industry and product standards and assessing product quality.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance ensures that all quality requirements have been fulfilled. It’s a quality management technique needed to earn management’s confidence, external stakeholders, customers, regulators, and government agencies. Several planned activities and methods are done to ensure that a product meets all standards and is suitable for usage.

Proto Sample

The first sample developed by a designer becomes your proto sample. It is further formed based on artwork specifications but only after the designer receives the order sheet from buyers. When it comes to a proto sample, design and style are essential elements that may not consider color, design, and style.

Product Lifecycle Management

While a product moves through the stages of product life, its handling is referred to as product lifecycle management. It is facilitated by PLM software that stores important information like data points for decision making. The software comes with inventory management and supply chain functions.

Customer Relationship Management

The name gives it away. Customer relationship management includes practices, guidelines, and principles that improve customer experience. This relationship determines your brand’s success and revolves around good communication, sales, and after-sales services. Systems and companies help improve customer relationships by monitoring and controlling all kinds of customer interactions.

Critical Path

Being in the fashion industry means you have to monitor the production progress through a document commonly known as an excel sheet. You must keep a record of all samples, lab dips, strike offs, and everything received during the process. It would be best if you took up this responsibility because you can’t rely on the factories. After all, they won’t always fix everything for you. Be on top by following the critical path.


The clothing production process isn’t a piece of cake. You have to be cautious at every step and if you are new to the business, remember that even a little bit of knowledge would take you a long way.

The above terms are essential for any startup or business. Remembering them will help you a lot in this journey. Good luck!

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