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hang tags for t shirts

This article will introduce the five common hang tag types for your t-shirts brands. Explore to see which is better for your collection.

Coated Paper: It’s paper that has been coated with mixed materials to enhance its finish and printability. Why is it one of the five common types? The major reason comes from its quality and price. As you can see, it looks delicate, smooth, and glossy. Also, coated paper can absorb more oil than normal paper.

coated paper hang tags

In terms of layer, it can be divided into single coated paper and double coated paper. In terms of weight, there are three types as 300g, 400g, and 800g. The 300g coated paper is suitable for hanging tags for light-weight clothing such as underwear, children’s clothing, summer clothing. The 400g coated paper feels harder due to the thickness. And the 800g coated paper is almost as thick as name cards.

White Cardboard: compared with coated paper, it is usually thicker, harder, less glossy and smooth. But in general, it can be printed with vivid and complex colors.

white cardboard hang tag

Black Cardboard: it has almost the same features as white cardboard. Expect that, it can not be printed with many colors due to its black finish. Instead, you can choose gold or silver foil printing.

white cardboard hang tag

Kraft Paper: it has a high degree of strength and solidity so that it’s not easy to get apart. Also, it’s suitable for hang tags with single or simple colors. You can use kraft hang tags if you are going to make jeans or vintage t shirts.

kraft paper hang tag

PVC Material: it can be matched with coated paper to make your hang tags high-end.

pvc paper hang tag

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